Addressing a Few Common Myths Regarding Laser Cutting

When you need to cut through different types of materials for manufacturing, laser cutting is one of the most efficient ways to do it. You can use lasers on plastics, composites, wood, and metal. One of the reasons so many people use lasers is because of their accurate and precise cuts. Popular as it might be, there are still some common myths circulating the community about laser cutting in NYC and other areas. Let’s look at four myths about laser cutting.


Lasers Are Hard to Use

Today, lasers are more sophisticated than ever. That means that people believe they are harder to use now. However, as the manufacturers improved the features of laser cutters, they also made them easier to operate. Compared to mechanical cutting techniques, lasers are now much easier to use.

A laser cutting company can program the tool with ease. And using a CAD file or a drawing, the laser will easily cut patterns in the material. Because of how advanced the lasers are today, many come with self-adjusting parameters for different thicknesses. 

Lasers Burn Materials

When you cut wood, the surface might become a little bit charred. But that will not be enough to burn the edges. You can get sharp, clean edges since the heat-affected zone is very small. If you have a plastic, it might even seal the edges.

Lasers Work With Every Thickness

With laser cutting, you can cut through many high thicknesses. However, even these advanced tools have their limits. For aluminum or stainless steel, lasers can cut as much as half of an inch. For regular steel, they can cut as much as three-quarters of an inch. Even though they are effective, you may want to ask your laser cutting company for alternatives when you have extreme thicknesses.

Lasers Are Dangerous

Many people who have an interest in laser cutting have a concern about how safe the operators will be and if they will cause fires in the workplace. When the right safety precautions are in place, laser cutters are often safer than similar tool-based systems. 

Laser cutter manufacturers have programmed the system to avoid safety issues. You can rest assured that the operators will be safe just by taking standard precautions, such as wearing eye protection. Very little heat comes off laser cutters, making them a fairly safe option.

Where to Get Quality Laser Cutting in New York

When you are in search of the best metal fabrication company, you need to do your research. Not everyone will provide the best quality of work. Luckily, Weldflow Metal Products specializes in metal laser cutting services and caters to customers in New York and beyond. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help increase your bottom line.

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