Avoid These Errors to Get the Most Out of B2B Content Marketing Efforts

In the B2B sector decisions regarding which products or services to use are given a lot of thought since each decision has major business implications.  Decision makers do a lot of research, particularly online, before spending the company money.  For this reason, it’s extremely important for B2Bs to be investing in quality content marketing.  Content that is produced can help educate potential clients or customers and establish their trust over time.  It helps improve brand visibility and B2B SEO efforts.  B2B content creation takes time, so it’s important to do it correctly by avoiding these errors:

Not Finding the Right Balance

Many content creators are guilty of not creating enough content and others are guilty of creating too much content.  Yes, there really is such a thing as too much content.  Creating too much content can result in creating thin content that doesn’t have much value, is a drain on time and resources, and can have the opposite effect of what content should have and may frustrate or annoy target audience members.  It’s important to find the right balance that suits the needs of your target audience and that works for your business.


Even the best writers can sometimes get so caught up in an idea that they can make a spelling or grammar error.  You may not notice it, but readers most certainly will and it will affect your credibility.  Always proof your work and ask a co-worker to read it over too to pick up on things that you may not notice.

Over Posting the Same Content

For search engine visibility purposes, the focus is on original content.  Don’t post the same article or blog post across the web.  Choose a good, relevant site that generates traffic and post it there.  You can always re-write the content and take a different approach in order to post it somewhere else.  A good approach is to repurpose content.  Turn a blog post into a video and turn an article into a white paper.  This allows you to capture a bigger piece of your target audience.

Ignoring SEO

The search engines shouldn’t be the priority when creating content, but it’s important to keep them in mind.  Write content for the readers first, and then go back and look for SEO opportunities and places to insert keywords naturally.  Content that is properly optimized can be found in the search engines over time once it has been crawled and indexed.

Forgetting the Call to Action

If you’re creating a great piece of content, it’s important to let readers know who created it and what they can do next if they found it helpful.  Always include a strong “About the Author” byline that includes links back to your site to help generate traffic.

About the Author: Nick Stamoulis is the President and Founder of Brick Marketing, an SEO services firm. For more information please call 781-999-1222 or visit www.brickmarketing.com

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