What Your Blasting Abrasive Could be Leaving Behind

When you are blasting a work piece, the abrasive grain should hit the piece and leave little trace except for the expected profile you’re trying to achieve. However, if you are using a lower quality blasting abrasive with a lower bulk density and more fines, you may not be getting a very clean profile. A low quality abrasive can leave impingements upon the surface of the piece. Fine impingements, that become embedded in the surface by either fines or low bulk density grains, can introduce iron or other unwanted contaminants into the profile of the piece and can lead to serious coating failure. If the coating is essential to the performance of the finished piece and you are concerned about how your coatings are adhering, you should learn about the benefits of using a higher quality blasting grain.

For more information on how bulk density and fines might be affecting your work, please contact Washington Mills today at info@washingtonmills.com or 800-828-1666 to learn about our high quality blasting grains.

About Washington Mills

Washington Mills started manufacturing abrasives in the U.S in 1868 and over 140 years later, we continue to manufacture high quality abrasives and serve thousands of customers around the world. We carefully test our blasting products for grading and bulk density to ensure our products meet the highest quality standards.

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