Boyd Coatings Applies Coatings to Small, Complex IDs

Boyd Coatings is among few coatings applicators that are able to successfully coat small inside diameters (IDs), especially those with obstacles.  While large IDs are not an issue for most professional coaters, small IDs coupled with complexities such as bends, flanges, corners or other obstacles greatly increase the level of difficulty.   

boydIn addition to coating small IDs, Boyd’s quality assurance requires those IDs to be inspected as well.  Boyd Coatings’ borescopes and other specialized inspection devices enable Quality Assurance Technicians to examine small inside diameters to depths of 39”.   Precision go/no go wire and pin gauges are used to assure customers’ tight circularity and thickness tolerances are achieved.Hudson, MA…. Boyd Coatings Research Co., Inc. is successfully meeting a demand for coating the interior of small, complex- shaped components.  “We are happy to report that Boyd can evenly  coat an Inside Diameter (ID) as small as 0.007” – even if the lumen is long or has bends, flanges, corners or other obstacles,” reveals John Kovacs, General Manager at Boyd Coatings.  “Over the years, many advanced companies and universities have requested unique applications beyond ‘normal’ boundaries.  This has developed our abilities to think creatively and rise to unusual challenges.  As a result, our proficiencies exceed the standard abilities of many other coatings applicators.”

Since 1965, Boyd Coatings Research has been applying technology to its processes and has decades of experience in dealing with world class organizations, fortune 500 companies and universities.  The result is a reputation as a leader in the coating industry.

Boyd Coatings Research Co., Inc. applies a wide variety of high performance coatings, specializing in the medical, industrial and aerospace markets.  In addition to applying virtually every coating from every manufacturer on the market, Boyd manufactures a line of custom-developed fluoropolymer coatings for specialty applications.  The company is an ISO 9001:2008 registered and a licensed applicator for Teflon® and Whitford products, and extensive experience with hundreds of other popular coatings and finishes providing non-stick, heat resistant, conductive, insulative, hydrophobic and other desirable properties.  High-volume and flexible manufacturing capabilities allow the company to process both large and small quantities quickly and cost-effectively.

For more information contact Boyd Coatings at: or 800‑258-0110

Boyd Coatings is an advertiser and can be found in MacRAE’s Blue Book


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