Business Problems SEO Can’t Fix

If you want to grow your business search engine optimization is a great way to do so.  People are looking for information online.  SEO solutions will help improve your brand visibility online, generate more traffic to your site, and help improve your conversion rate.  However, SEO isn’t a magical “fix” that will solve other external business problems that may be causing your business to struggle.  If any of the following are true, SEO isn’t a “quick fix”:

The investment isn’t there

If you want to get something out of your business, you need to be willing to put something in.  Operating a business requires a significant investment of time and resources.  Money is required to maintain it and market it properly.  Being stingy means that you will get less return.  It’s important to be willing to invest in good employees that will help grow the business.  If you are stingy about running your business internally, you’ll probably also be stingy with SEO and select providers that really aren’t going to do a good job.

There’s no business focus

When building a business it’s important to establish a brand that means something.  Offering too many products or services that are unrelated just to see what sticks will cause brand confusion.  A business should fit into a specific niche.  A business website that isn’t focused will result in an SEO campaign that isn’t focused and may generate traffic that is less likely to convert.  It also means that there is much more competition.  It’s better to be focused and be known for doing a few things well.

Immediate success is expected

It takes time to grow a business and reach a certain level of success.  If you expect immediate success you may become impatient and start changing things about your business, including product offerings and marketing tactics, just to find something that “works”.  The key to operating a successful business and implementing a strong SEO campaign is to be consistent over time.  Overnight success will never happen and expecting it is unrealistic and could potentially sabotage future opportunities.

The market is competitive

It’s important for your business to have some kind of USP (unique selling proposition).  If your business isn’t unique in any way and you are in a competitive market, of course you will find it difficult to grow your business.  SEO is difficult in any niche, but is extremely difficult in a competitive niche.  It can take years to compete for particular keywords and keyword phrases.  This doesn’t mean that SEO isn’t beneficial, it just means that expectations need to be realistic.  Just getting started with SEO isn’t going to put you in line with your competitors in the search engines overnight.

Before getting started with an SEO campaign it’s important to have a strong business foundation to work off of.  If you aren’t sure of the direction of the business or aren’t investing properly in advancing the business an SEO campaign will be limited and may not be worthwhile. Basically SEO is a great tool but doe not solve all business problems.

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