Choosing an Industrial Fastener Supplier

Many industries use conveyor systems. However, when it comes time to invest in new equipment, some make a mistake that could prove costly. They focus so much attention on buying high-caliber machinery that they overlook the importance of selecting the right guards, as well as parts and components.

Whether purchasing wedge clamps, industrial fasteners, or something different, quality is a critical factor in the decision-making process. After all, you want reliable and safe parts and components that perform optimally.

Tips for Choosing One of the Best Industrial Fasteners Manufacturers

To protect your workers, you rely on the best conveyor guards available. At the same time, you want to purchase parts and components from a respected source. Even a tiny design flaw or production defect could create a big problem. Most industrial fasteners manufacturers claim to have the highest quality products on the market, but they don’t all deliver.

So, when you begin to look at different industrial fastener suppliers, keep the following things in mind.


The reputation of a company that sells guards, wedge clamps, fasteners, and more speaks volumes as to the experience you can expect. The most efficient way to determine this is to ask around.

If you know someone who works for another conveyor company or you have a connection to an individual with knowledge of the industry, ask them for references. You can also look at feedback posted on trusted websites and comments in industry-related forums.

Industry Experience

When sorting through information on various industrial fasteners manufacturers, experience plays a key role in the selection process. Now, there’s nothing wrong with working with a newly established supplier. However, companies with a long and successful history of selling parts and components for conveyor guards is your best bet. That’ll give you access to an expert with extensive knowledge.

Customer Service and Support

As you compare different industrial fastener suppliers, both of these are important. For the most part, customer service is what you get on the front end of a transaction. The company you select should have representatives who will patiently answer questions and then guide you to the appropriate product based on the specific type of guard.

Customer support is what you get on the backend of a transaction. In other words, after you buy a product, whether wedge clamps, or some other part or component, you’ll have continued support if you need it. So, if you struggle to install a fastener, you can contact the supplier for assistance.

Managed Inventory and Distribution Services

With this, industrial fasteners manufacturers maintain a healthy inventory. Most rely on an advanced software program to ensure they keep products that customers need the most in stock. Not only is this an efficient way to run a business, but, ultimately, it can save you time and money.

Reliable and Trusted Service

Belt Conveyor Guarding, a leader among the top guarding and industrial fastener suppliers, can help. We offer a broad range of products, as well as outstanding service and support. Give us a call so we can help you find the right product.

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