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In order to be successful with SEO today, it’s necessary to create quality content that will be linked to on other web properties.  The links that occur naturally and are coming from a variety of sources are the most reputable kinds of links.  The search engines place much more weight on these kinds of links than on the kinds that are obviously created by the site owner.  This is why social signals have become an important part of the search ranking algorithm.  If a link is being shared throughout social media, that conveys to the search engines that the link must provide some sort of value.  People aren’t going to link to or share just anything.


To generate links to your content, it must be:


If people find your content to be interesting, they will pass it along.  If they don’t, they probably won’t even finish reading it and definitely won’t link to it.  There’s so much content out there to consume so it’s important to make yours stand out in some way.  Don’t be afraid to show some personality or take risks every once in awhile.  Online marketing content, like blog posts, aren’t meant to be formal documents.  In fact, the content that takes on a conversational tone is more likely to resonate with people.


When creating each piece of content you should think about what the purpose is.  There should be a purpose other than filling a content quota or to try and get some links.  Determine who your target audience is and what kind of information they are looking for online.  The content that you create should answer a question, help solve a problem, provide unique insights, etc.  If the content doesn’t serve any kind of purpose or assist target audience members in some way, it isn’t going to be shared.


If you are going to create content, it’s important to take the time to do it correctly.  Simply writing a paragraph or two on a topic really isn’t going to capture the attention of target audience members or the search engine spiders.  In fact, this kind of “flimsy” content could raise a red flag to the search engines.  If you want your content to get noticed and linked to it needs to have some substance to it.


Depending on the industry that you are in, there could be lots of other people writing about similar topics.  It’s important to differentiate your content in some way.  If others are simply reporting the facts, take the time to dissect the topic and add your unique perspective.  This is what helps you to become a trusted expert in a specific industry.  The majority of the content that you share should be original, instead of simply repeating or sharing what others have already written about.

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