Educational B2B Sales During the Pandemic Lockdowns

With the increased prevalence of online learning, there was a huge uptick in the use of digital educational platforms and technologies. For B2B marketers in the educational sector, especially those who offer technology based educational solutions, there is huge opportunity to get word out about your business and provide help to students and schools.

The surge in online learning has created an abundance of opportunity for digitally focused B2B marketers, but this can also be a double edge sword. One the one hand, there is an increase in possibility for the growth of your business. On the other hand, you will not be the only company that will reach out to any individual Canadian public schools. What will help you stand out amongst an educational inbox full of emails from digital B2B companies, will be competency, empathy and , above all, your ability to prove that you can make this difficult time easier for educators and students. What primary schools in Canada need most, is to know that working with you will be an overall helpful and positive experience. The shift to online learning has presented many additional challenges to educators and students alike, and you should always look to convey how your product or service will provide a rewarding and easy educational experience.

Because of the pandemic, the ways B2B companies can market to educational institutions has changed. In person demos, a once prized method of conveying personalized and targeted marketing messages, are not quite in the cards anymore. However, personalized and targeted marketing can still be done with a good list of high schools in Toronto. A quality and comprehensive list of schools in Canada can provide you with the information that you and your team need to craft empathetic, value driven, and personalized marketing messages to send to key educational decision makers. With information on over 17,00 schools, and contact info for over 50,000 key contacts, Scott’s Directories can help you gain a better understanding of who you might be best served to help, which is key to crafting a helpful sales pitch. Prioritizing finding the best prospects to your business is key.

You don’t want to flood inboxes with useless information, especially because word of mouth is huge in the educational industry. No, in these challenging times, you should be sending only targeted and helpful messages to those who could best benefit from using your product or services. Targeting the right audience is also important as, oftentimes, it can be difficult for even the best of teams to find the contact information of the specific people within Canadian public schools who will ultimately be making the final buyers decisions. Erase all doubt about erroneous contacts, and respect the time of your clients, by prepping your team with only top quality contact information. Invest in a subscription to Scott’s Directories today.

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