Effectively Disinfecting and Deep Cleaning Commercial Facilities

By now you’ve probably heard about the need for disinfecting and deep cleaning your commercial facility to protect staff and customers alike. However, while a professional cleaning service can handle both, you’re probably wondering how it is done properly especially when it comes to eliminating the risk of illness. 

The truth is, it’s not enough to simply wipe down surfaces occasionally to control the spread of COVID-19. That’s because it’s easy to miss a spot, and the virus doesn’t have any forgiveness for that. There are also a number of other potential hazards in the office from keyboards to pens that might be ignored in the standard sanitizing process. 

What Exactly is ‘Deep Cleaning’?

First of all, you’ve probably read that a commercial disinfection service will do a “deep cleaning.” While that term has been around for a while, it doesn’t mean all services are made the same. Deep cleaning is a general term, and what’s entailed can vary depending on the sanitizing and disinfecting companies involved. 

Generally, a “deep cleaning” goes beyond the standard practice that targets only the most common surfaces in an office or other space. Deep cleaning from a professional cleaning service typically includes all common areas, including hard-to-reach surfaces that aren’t sanitized during “regular” cleanings. That could involve cleaning the blinds and even under sinks, for example. 

It’s All In The Details

Aside from deep cleaning, which can vary in definition depending on the sanitizing and disinfecting companies, there’s another term that is gaining traction: namely “deep disinfection.” 

An experienced commercial disinfection service will sometimes offer this along with “detailed disinfection” that destroys germs and viruses on common surfaces. Deep disinfection involves fogging (using approved chemicals) in just the right amount to be effective. (Fogging turns liquid disinfectants into droplets to more effectively distribute it in a uniform way, using specialized equipment.)

Cleaning Before Disinfecting Is Key

However, while the right disinfection approaches by a professional cleaning service are important, especially to combat COVID-19, what’s also important is the order that cleaning and disinfecting is done. 

The idea is that the cleaning will eliminate any grime or dust that will make it more difficult for disinfecting agents to do their job. Then the detailed and deep sanitization can take place to zap illness-causing pathogens. 

It’s important that a cleaning company takes the right approach to reducing the threat in your commercial facility, and understands the correct process. Learn more about proper cleaning and disinfecting practices by a commercial disinfection service.

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