Energy Saving, High Efficiency Water Pump

Houston, TX – TelcoMotion, an international provider of electric motor and electronic components, announced a new circulator pumps with ECM technology. The new ECM pump is designed to offer intelligent speed control to system demand caused by temperature, sunlight, overall activity, and other heating sources.  The benefit to use ECM pump is energy saving and cost saving.

This ECM pump is designed to operate with common 110VAC and 220 VAC voltages.  Consuming only 85W, it offers 25% more energy saving. The typical application of our ECM pump is residential hot water heating systems, and domestic hot water recirculation systems. Switching to TelcoMotion’s ECM pump can provide you with big savings!

 The main features of the TelcoMotion ECM pump:

  • No mechanical seal, low maintenance
  • 25% more energy saving
  • Adjustable flow rate
  • Lower noise and vibration compared with traditional pump
  • Light weight and easy installation

For more information about TelcoMotion’s ECM pump, contact us by calling 281-855-2218; or on the Web . TelcoMotion can be found in MacRAE’s Blue Book.

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