F.M. Callahan Attends National NADCAP Meeting

F.M. Callahan & Son, Inc. recently attended a Nadcap conference which was held in Paris.

The association’s  meetings are held several times a year in different locations worldwide. For example, the 2012 meetings were held in San Diego, CA in February; Berlin  in June; and  the October meeting was held in Pittsburgh, PA. During these meetings there are open Task Group meetings and other workshops (with participation of Primes, Suppliers, and PRI staff). These meetings are used to discuss the program development and changes to audit criteria among other topics.

Eric Jacklin, the President of F.M.Callahan, noted that “one of the highlights of the conference was a flow down meeting.  The topic of flow down is near and dear to the hearts of many suppliers who work for the large aerospace manufactures.  The flow down subject has to do with the information that comes to the special processor for purchase order review.  This meeting was focused on how to get better communication with the large aerospace companies when it comes to purchase order requirements”.

“The meeting consisted of about 100 suppliers dealing with this issue.  At times the issue comes directly from the prime, but many times it comes from the tier two or three supplier to the prime.  The special processor  many times does not get all the information needed on the purchase order.  The problems come from no information of the part material to not clear process requirements.  The flow down team is brain storming ideas with groups of suppliers and primes to solve this issue”.

F.M. Callahan has been Nadcap certified for approximately 18 years. Nadcap is a special process certification for aerospace primes to call on for chemical processing of their hardware. Nadcap stands for National Aerospace and Defense contractors Accreditation program.  This standard indicates the shops follow documented guide lines on how the parts are processed that  results in a consistently plated part.   For the commercial industry F.M. Callahan is also ISO9001:2000 certified, but more and more customers are requiring Nadcap registration. Nadcap  is a global cooperative accreditation program for aerospace engineering, defense and related industries.

F.M. Callahan & Son (Malden, MA) has been plating parts since 1910 and  is a NADCAP and  ISO 9000 certified electroplater.  They are a full service company with a 40,000 square foot state of the art facility and has over 100 years of family ownership.

For more information about F.M. Callahan & Son and the services they provide, contact them at 22 Sharon Street, Malden, MA 02148. Tel: 781-324-5101, Fax: 781-324-1674, e-mail: ejacklin@fmcallahan.com , or visit the company web site at: www.fmcallahan.com


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