Facebook 101 for Business

In order to understand and get started, there are 2 types of accounts on Facebook. A Personal account which is the typical profile where by you can interact with friends, create & join groups. Business accounts are meant for a company that is not a sole-proprietorship or sole-proprietorship whose owner does not use Facebook. If you set up a business account you will not be able to set up a personal account with that email address.

There are only a few steps for getting your business on Facebook.

Here’s an example of a great Facebook Page .

It’s FREE and only takes a few minutes of your time. Here is how to get started.

  1. Choose a category and name that represents your business
  2. Upload a logo or other image that represents your business this is your “profile picture”
  3. Write a few words about your business so people can understand what you do.
  4. Choose a web address for your page (may or may not be your home page), usually where your marketing materials can be found
  5. Select a photo as your “cover photo” (851 x 315 pixels). Change it up often to see what people respond to.


Connect with People

  1. Encourage current customers to “Like” your page on Facebook. This will ensure any posts your page makes will show up in their news feed. The news feed is the center column of your home page and is a list of stories from people and Pages that you follow that is constantly updated.newsfeed
    • add your Facebook address/logo to your website, business cards, email signature & marketing materials driving traffic to your page
    • make sure to tell us at MacRAE’s Blue Book/Canadian Trade Index and we’ll add it to your Company Profile Page
  2. Create paid Facebook ads. This is a suggestion, not a requirement. I would suggest you first promote your page to current customers, through email and promotional materials prior to a paid ad campaign. You want to ensure your page is rich with content for potential customer to review prior to paying for them to visit your page.

Engage Your Audience

  1. Post quality content regularly, 1 or 2 times per week. Make them short and conversational to encourage interaction. When people “like” your page they are showing interest in your business and want to know what is going on.
  2. Share photos & video, as these visual posts tend to be more engaging(100-120%).post
  3. Have exclusive deals, specials and information.
  4. Ask questions and get input.

When people interact with your page, by sharing, liking and commenting, their friends will see it as a story in their news feed. We all know word of mouth is the strongest form of advertising and that is essentially what this is. Encourage people to check in at your business, invite them to join events you have created and for them to share exclusive offers.

If you already have a personal account or only wish to have a business account please click here to create your page. If a personal account is used to create a page this individual will become the admin, pages can have more than 1 admin assigned.

This is just a jumping off point for your business on Facebook. There are as many options as you have ideas you just need to put them into action. For more detailed information or answers to specific questions connect here and Facebook has all the answers.

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