Features That Make Tablets a Right Choice for Industrial Use

Over the past decade, the use of on-site computers and handheld devices has become widespread in a variety of industries. These devices allow workers to have access to updated information that is vital for their business practices. While many businesses that use these devices rely on them for day-to-day operations, they must be durable and secure. Consumer-grade devices lack the power and dependability that industrial tablets provide.

What Makes Industrials Tablets Different?

When choosing these devices for your company, you can opt for additional features that are useful for industry-specific practices. These add-ons will heighten the efficiency of business operations while maintaining a connection between multiple teams of workers. A rugged industrial tablet has the capability of running off various operating systems, featuring durable housing while boosting readability and offering touchscreen performance.

Dual Operating System Capability

Consumer-grade, Windows devices are usually made to run using only a single operating system. Industrial tablets that are Android can be designed to run using multiple platforms, including Windows Professional, Linux, and Windows Embedded. This adaptability means your company can tailor its practices to fit any industry software updates without having to replace all your devices.

Durable Housing

Many industries have workers completing tasks in harsh environments where it can be challenging to protect consumer-grade electronics. A rugged industrial tablet is designed to withstand fluctuations in temperature, such as extreme cold or heat. Additionally, these devices maintain performance when exposed to snow, rain, dirt, dust, or sand. Some industries, such as the food sector, may require devices to be cleaned with steaming hot water. Industrial tablets can withstand this heat, while consumer-grade devices would easily ruin. You can ensure the durability of a rugged industrial tablet because it has undergone rigorous testing procedures following its manufacturing.

Touchscreen Performance

If you have ever used a consumer-grade smart device, you will have noticed that the touchscreens are only reliable when used with a bare finger. The reason for this is because they are P-Cap or projective capacitive. These types of screens cannot be used with gloves, and are easily interfered with by water and dust. The electrical current required by P-Cap screens is easily disturbed unless conditions are perfect, which is often not the case in workplace environments. Industrial tablets, on the other hand, use resistive touchscreens, which is ideal for workers that wear gloves and have no control over their external conditions.


A major factor that inhibits the readability of a consumer-grade device is bright light or sunshine. Companies where workers are outdoors for prolonged periods, should use a rugged industrial tablet that features an LCD screen that is readable in sunlight. Other types of screens that are also readable in sunlight are CCFL and TFT backlit screens. They are all customizable options that have a high viewing angle and can withstand bright light.

Regardless of what features your company requires in a mobile device, enlisting the help of an experienced company will guarantee, your devices are tailored to fit your specific needs.

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