Fishman Corporation Adds Dispense Tip Locator to its Growing Fluid Dispensing Product Line

Fishman Corporation, a distributor of innovative fluid dispensing equipment products, has developed another product that is part of its SmartDispenser® system Priming Station.  The Dispense Tip Locator provides a positive stop to assure the dispense tip is set at the proper height for fully automated assembly systems.

“When a dispense tip is attached to a syringe it never lands in the same place, it’s like a screw into a board.  Depending on how many turns are made and how much force is used the screw will never end up in the same place, in relation to the board, every time.  If the dispense tip is off by a fraction of an inch it causes inaccurate Z-Axis location with the automation system.  The Dispense Tip Locator assures that the dispense tip is at the right height.  There might only be millimeters between the tip and the part.  If the height isn’t correct the Z-Axis downward movement could drive the dispense tip into the substrate causing catastrophic damage or the dispense tip might be too high to apply assembly fluid to the substrate.   The Dispense Tip Locator is a solution to this problem,” said Scott Beebe, President of Fishman Corporation.

The Fishman Dispense Tip Locator is attached to the back of the SmartDispenser® Priming Station gun stand.  An automation technician will attach a dispense gun with the proper dispense tip height, engage the Dispense Tip Locator arm into a locked position, use the thumb wheel to make micro height adjustments, and then lock the setting into place.  The Dispense Tip Locator provides a reference point for slight adjustments to each dispense tip assuring all are set to the proper height for the Z-Axis location in the automated assembly system.  To start the priming process, move the Dispense Tip Locator from the locked position to the unlocked position.  The SmartDispenser® Priming Station advances the fluid from the end of the syringe luer to the end of the dispense tip.

To remove a dispense gun from the SmartDispenser® Priming Station, the dispense locator arm easily disengages with a pulling-dropping motion so it rests in a hanging position.  Once the new gun is installed for priming, attach a new dispenser tip, engage the Dispense Tip Locator arm into the locked position, adjust the tip so it touches the locating arm, disengage and the process is complete.  Once the automation system is put into production the Dispense Tip Locator makes it easy for the operator to set dispense tip Z-Axis height offline while the automation system is running production.  Pre-loading dispense guns this way reduces empty syringe reservoir changeover to seconds maximizing production yields.

Fishman Corporation revolutionized fluid dispensing with the release of the SmartDispenser®.  The SmartDispenser® fluid dispensing system utilizes AirFree® dispensing technology.  It provides control and monitoring of a consistent repeatable assembly fluid deposit worldwide resulting in increased bottom line profits through higher productivity, fewer rejects, less fluid waste and lower production costs.

Fishman Corporation’s innovative products, ability to listen and first class service have resulted in customer relationships based on trust and real solutions.  For more information please visit

Fishman is an advisertiser and can be FOUND on MacRAE’S Blue Book.


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