Five Tips to Improve B2B SEO Efforts

Search engine optimization is one of the most important ways for B2Bs to increase website traffic and generate more leads.  People turn to the search engines to find information about everything.  If your B2B business can’t be found, brand visibility online is stifled and it results in losing business to the competition.  Businesses of all industries and sizes can’t afford to not implement an SEO strategy.  Here are 5 B2B SEO tips to follow:

Accept New Keywords

One of the first steps of a search engine optimization campaign is to conduct keyword research.  Many businesses make the mistake of taking a lackadaisical approach to keyword research.  They believe that they already know what keywords and phrases people are using to search.  In many cases, this couldn’t be farther from the truth.  Businesses are so wrapped up in what they do and know the industry inside and out that they tend to have blinders on.  Thorough keyword research is so important for a B2B SEO campaign.  It’s best to incorporate a mix of branded and non branded keywords. 

Consider the Sales Cycle

The sales cycle is typically much longer in the B2B sector than it is in the B2C sector.  After all, decisions have major business implications.  If the wrong product or service is chosen it could result in lost revenue and even lost jobs.  For B2B SEO it’s important to target people that are in research mode and those that are ready to buy.  Implement keywords to attract these various kinds of searches and don’t be afraid to target some long tail (more than one or two words) keywords. 

Create Valuable Content on a Regular Basis

For B2B marketing it’s extremely important to establish trust amongst target audience members.  This is done by creating and sharing quality, informative content.  This strategy also works to improve SEO efforts.  Each piece of content that is published on the web is indexed by the search engines and improves the chances that your brand will be found for a specific search phrase or term.  B2Bs need to invest in content and create blog posts, whitepapers, E-books, guides, videos, and articles on a regular basis. 

Get Involved in Social Media

There tends to be hesitation in the B2B sector in regards to getting involved in social media.  Businesses aren’t quite sure how to monetize it and think of it as something that is more useful for B2Cs.  The truth is that everybody is using social media and with the right strategy, all businesses can benefit from being involved.  For SEO purposes, it’s imperative to be involved because social data is now integrated into the search engine ranking algorithm. 

Integrate with Other Marketing

The key to successful B2B SEO is to always have it “on the brain”.  This means integrating all other marketing initiatives into your SEO.  For example, the SEO opportunities of presenting at a tradeshow include creating content like blog posts and social media posts about the tradeshow before, during, and after the event.

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