From Sofa to Cellar: The Art of Shopping for Wine Online

Online wine shopping just might be the best thing to happen to wine drinkers since the invention of the automated corkscrew, or even the teensy finger food tray. Ok, it’s way better than the finger food tray. In fact, the ability to order wine online is a truly wonderful thing and it’s so much more than just a passing fad.

Support Ontario Winemakers

When you buy wine online, you are directly benefitting privately owned, small-batch wineries right alongside some of the world’s most highly-esteemed winemakers. An online wine retailer such as Stocked Cellars has the ability to handpick its partner wineries and, unlike the bricks & mortar retailers, a wine website has the ability to provide smaller wineries the same level of product placement and promotion. When you buy wine online, Ontario wineries all have the opportunity to be seen, selected, and savoured.

Stress-free Shopping

To browse a website and find that the exact item you want is in stock AND available for home delivery – well that’s just about the easiest way there is to shop. When you buy wine online you can take your time while you shop for your favourite reds, whites, blends and more, and find some new favourites too. Every bottle of wine posted comes with winemaker notes and pairing suggestions to make it even easier to choose. But if you’re still not sure, no need to stress out. Our wine experts are on hand to answer your questions and help you pick the perfect wine. How easy is that!

Great Wine, Better Price

Have you ever noticed the difference in prices between wine shops and traditional wine & liquor retailers? And the cost of ordering that same bottle of wine at a restaurant can be enough to pop your cork. Now you can buy wine online Ontario and enjoy consistently lower prices. That’s because an online wine shop like Stocked Cellars has little to no overhead – no expensive buildings to maintain or franchise fees to pay – so we are able to keep our prices lower and offer better value to our customers.

Shop Smarter, Not Harder

Shopping at a liquor or wine store can be a truly overwhelming experience. There are literally thousands of bottles on display from countries all around the world, and mysteries lurk beneath those quirky names and eye-catching lables. It’s very easy to go home with a wine you won’t particularly enjoy – or leave the store empty-handed. We all know it’s what’s inside that counts, and the best way to learn about the wines that interest you is to order wine online. The wines are categorized for easy selection, and offer detailed descriptions including winemaking notes and food pairing suggestions.

Visit Stocked Cellars and see how easy and convenient it is to buy wine online. We can’t help you if you still want those finger trays, but at least we can make sure you have great taste in wine.

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