Grayling Industries Introduces a Line of Specialty Glovebags Designed for Asbestos Removal on Pipes at Elevated Temperatures

Grayling Industries, the industry leader in polyethylene glovebag technology for asbestos removal, also provides glovebags for removing asbestos containing insulation from pipes at temperatures up to 700°F.

OSHA limits the temperature at which standard polyethylene glovebags can used to 150°F. The Therm-Equip High Temp Glovebags from Grayling have been engineered to withstand much greater temperatures and have been approved by OSHA for high temperature applications. The Grayling High Temp glovebags provide a safe and cost effective option for handling emergency repair and maintenance activities on pipes that are over 150°F. The high temperature resistant glovebags eliminate the need for costly shut-downs in power plants, paper mills, refineries and other industrial production facilities.

The Grayling Therm-Equip glovebags are available in three models to accommodate maximum pipe temperatures of 300°F, 400°F and 700°F. Each model is available in sizes to accommodate pipe diameters from 6″ up to 24” and situated either horizontally or vertically.

The glovebag technique is generally safer than full containment asbestos abatement methods, due to the fact that the operator is isolated from the contaminated area. However, working on pipe that is elevated in temperature exposes workers to numerous hazardous that should be carefully considered prior to commencing work.

For more information about Grayling Industries and the products they provide, contact them at . 1008 Branch Drive, Alpharetta, GA, 30004. Tel: 800-635-1551  Fax: 770-751-3710  email  Ben Greene at:  or visit the company web site at:


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