Grease Duct Access Doors: Overview and Installation Process

In commercial kitchens, fire is always a concern. This is especially true for restaurants that use a significant amount of grease to make various menu items. Although there’s no such thing as a “good” fire, one caused by grease creates tremendous challenges. These fires burn hot and spread quickly. For those reasons, it’s important to keep the grease duct properly cleaned and maintained.

The problem is that many exhaust systems don’t have grease duct access doors at the locations required to properly clean the duct’s interior. As a result, it takes more time and effort to take care of the exhaust system. All too often, that leads to the ducts not getting properly cleaned and maintained. Within a short period, both grease and debris build up, which then increases the risk of fire.

So, every restaurant needs to comply with current codes and regulations regarding their a grease ducts. Although you can find numerous companies that sell field installable grease duct access doors, they’re not all the same high caliber. For outstanding results and optimal safety, source grease duct access doors from a reputable supplier that can provide doors of materials that match your duct’s construction, such as galvanized or stainless steel.

Keep in mind that if your restaurant has more than one exhaust system or a single system with multiple ducts, you’ll need a grease duct access doors  for each one, installed per your local code requirements.

When Is a Grease Duct Door Required?

The following are the situations in which you need to install grease duct access doors.

  • At changes of direction of ductwork
  • Horizontal exhaust ducts longer than 12 feet.
  • Exhaust fan with ductwork connected on both sides and within 3 feet of each side of the fan
  • For ducts within 18 inches of hoods designed with dampers that block the duct opening
  • Vertical riser ducts

Easy Install Stainless-steel Grease Duct Access Doors

The best grease duct access doors take little time or effort to install.

The top-rated grease duct access doors on the market don’t require welding to install and are removable without the need for tools. These doors get delivered to the customer with gaskets that are already installed along with a rigid handle. Not only does the factory installed gaskets eliminate any issues with possible leakage, but the gasket also has a code compliant 1,500 degree Fahrenheit rating.

Superior Products and Affordable Prices

To make your restaurant safer, contact us at DuraSystems. We have outstanding and cost-effective products. Although our 304 and 316 stainless-steel grease duct access doors remain top sellers, you can also choose a door made of galvanized steel.

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