Green Protective Packaging Supplies That Cushion Products and Prevent Shifting During Transit:100% Recyclable

Packaged goods are a necessary evil that we have become used to living with. Packaging materials can easily account for large quantities of waste since it is of practically no use after the product is shipped and purchased. Many companies want to make the right impact on the environment and are consciously moving towards using “greener options”. There are many “green” products that are marketed as low-carbon footprint; sustainable; eco-friendly; recycled; recyclable; minimum recycled cost; post-consumer recycled content; compostable and biodegradable. These are quickly penetrating all parts of the packaging industry starting with the choice of raw materials to the production process.   

Packaging, while necessary, does not have to be harmful to the environment. You need to ensure that you package fragile items correctly by choosing the right packaging. There are many options available that allows you to reduce materials and minimize waste, while showcasing your products in the best possible way. With the right protective paper packaging, you can reduce your impact on the environment.

About Protective Paper Packaging

Paper based protective and void fill packing are the most common packaging materials. Packaging paper might seem like a simple choice, but it comes in a variety of weights and strengths. Heavier weights used as void fill prevents items from shifting during transit and lighter weights can be used as wrapping around small and delicate items to cushion, prevent breakage, dents and scratches. It is also perfect for encouraging recycling after its use. It is great for filling space and will keep your items protected. Using recycled paper, which has an even lower impact on the environment, is the Canadian industry standard when manufacturing most packaging paper. 

Foam Packaging

When you think of recyclable packaging, foam might not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, it is often more friendly to the environment than other kinds of packaging. You can often find foam made from recycled materials. Then it is perfect to use when you have more fragile items to protect, such as electronics. 

Inflatable Air Cushioning

From inflatable bubble to more complex inflatable technology, there is a cost-efficient, space-saving and environmentally friendly packaging solution that will prevent damage to your product. One of the advantages of using this kind of void fill packaging is that it does not require much storage space at your facility, since it does not take up much room when uninflated. It remains flat, rolled up and out of the way until needed. This type of inflatable air-chamber packaging offers superior protection and acts as an effective shock absorber for products in transit. It is widely used for e-commerce and in the technology industry for ensuring that delicate components remain intact during shipping. Many of the options available are BPA free, RoHS compliant and produce absolutely no landfill.

Transitioning to Better Packaging

There are many options when it comes to choosing better void fill packaging materials. Before making a final decision, you need to investigate many options including paper void fill machines, depending on the size of your production and packing volume. 

Using these semi or fully automatic machines, is a great way of quickly and efficiently getting your materials into the box. They will get the job done much faster than if you tried to do it all by hand.  Using 100% recyclable paper, the design allows for much less need for protective paper packaging. When upgrading to these types of systems, there is sometimes a monthly rental fee for the machine, however, this cost is easily offset by the benefits of speed, increased efficiency and labour savings. 

Choose the Best Supplier of Void Fill Packaging

With the right packaging solutions, you can easily protect your products, shipments and the environment. Choosing recyclable materials allow you to reduce your carbon footprint while showcasing your company’s  commitment to protecting the environment. Feel free to contact us today, to find out more about our protective paper packaging.

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