How a Product Launch can Improve SEO Efforts

The website owners that are the most successful with SEO are the ones that always have SEO on the brain.  Whenever anything changes within the company they think, “how can I turn this into an SEO win?”  A successful SEO campaign relies on good content.  Content is what gets optimized and then in turn, gets found in the search engines for specific keyword searches.  Good content is also what gets shared in social media, improving brand visibility and social signals.  A product launch is a great opportunity to create all kinds of content that can attract the attention of search engine spiders and target audience members in order to drive traffic and links back to a website.

Here are 4 content types to create during a product launch that will improve SEO efforts:

A new webpage

What many business website owners do when they launch a new product is to add that product to an existing page of the site.  While it may seem like the right approach because the existing page is already trusted, in the long term it is better for that product to have its own page.  If each product has its own page the keywords are much more specific and relevant to the content on that page, as opposed to being broad.  Conduct keyword research for the specific new product to see how people are searching for it and incorporate these keywords into the content, meta data, and URL structure.

Press release

Offline PR is usually an important component of a new product launch, but don’t forget about the power of online PR for SEO purposes.  A press release should be written and distributed through a paid service.  Be sure to incorporate links within the body of the release as anchor text.  Best practice is one link per 100 words of the release.  Be sure to include a link to the new product page.  The release can get picked up by legitimate news sources which will help an inbound link portfolio.

Blog post

A rule of thumb when it comes to business blogging is that you never want your posts to be too promotional.  If your blog posts read like ad copy, people will begin to tune it out.  However, every once in awhile it’s OK to leverage the blog in order to share big company news, like a new product launch.  Take advantage of the opportunity to inner link within the site and link over to the product page from the blog post.


Different people prefer to consume content in different formats.  If your new product involves some instruction, visual learners would often prefer to view a video demonstration.  It doesn’t need to be too complex, just spend a few minutes explaining how to use the product while pointing out the key features.  Upload the video to YouTube, optimize the title and description, and share it on your blog and within social media.

About the Author:

Nick Stamoulis is the President of Brick Marketing, a B2B SEO agency.  For more information call 781-999-1222 or visit

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