How Additive Manufacturing Influences Product Design and Development

The advances made in both manufacturing processes and technologies are remarkable. For companies that rely on prototyping services, meaning fabricators can now provide them with more complex profiles.

One of the processes on the rise is additive manufacturing. Most people immediately think of 3D printing, which is one of its capabilities. However, additive manufacturing also covers binding jetting, laser metal cutting, material extrusion, sheet lamination, and more. With all these capabilities, a qualified fabricator can create custom prototypes.

Getting More Creative

Most industries understand that the quality of the prototype has a direct impact on the quality of the finished product. This is why they turn to one of the best prototype companies for assistance. Especially for a part or component with an intricate or complex design, customers need the assurance that the fabricator will produce a superior profile.

With outstanding prototyping services, customers can get even more creative with their designs. Years ago, fabricators had limitations as to what they could produce. Well, that’s changed. Because of additive manufacturing, industries can get more creative with their design ideas.

The other thing is that the best prototype companies provide full-scale services. In other words, along with producing prototypes, they have skilled designers and engineers on staff. So, if a customer needs to modify a prototype but feels stuck, they have professionals ready to help.

Ultimately, the prototyping services available today from a reputable source prove beneficial for both the design and development phases of product creation. What it comes down to is additive manufacturing opens the door to new and exciting opportunities. The custom prototypes that customers have made give them a huge advantage over their competition.


Additive manufacturing works for both small companies and large corporations, which is another reason it’s so popular. Whether used for standard or custom prototypes, this process allows all kinds of industries to realize their design concepts. Not only that, but it speeds up the manufacturing process without compromising on the quality of the prototype.

Fewer Design Flaws

This is yet another benefit of additive manufacturing. Utilizing one of the best prototyping companies for this process is a great way to reduce the number of design flaws. Yes, the purpose of a prototype is to allow the customer to identify any defects or flaws before having the product mass-produced. However, things get overlooked sometimes. Additive manufacturing reduces that risk.

Get Help From Professionals

At Promark Tool and Manufacturing, we offer additive manufacturing services. Whether you need standard or custom prototypes, we can help. Contact us today to discuss your needs with one of our team experts.

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