How Do Accumulation Conveyors Make Material Handling Operations Convenient?

Accumulation is more popular when it comes to automated solutions. That is often because there are many benefits and applications it can offer to your operations. A zero-pressure accumulation conveyor uses photoelectric intelligence that lets your products accumulate without any pressure. The packages in an accumulation conveyor might have a little space between them or rest against each other gently.

Maximise the Product Throughput With a Material Handling Conveyor System

Not every warehouse or production process takes the exact length of time. With non-accumulation systems, if the downstream process takes longer than the upstream ones, the equipment must wait. However, accumulation conveyors can buffer the product, holding it in its place until the other tools are ready.

This way, the upstream processes can keep going. This prevents the downstream equipment from being ideal. That will give you lower labour costs.

How a Transfer Conveyor Prevents Product Damage?

If a product starts to stack on your traditional conveyor, then the pressure buildup can damage lighter or fragile cartons. When the tapered wall causes totes to get backed up on your conveyor, they might spill over your guardrails and dump the items on your floor. That can damage the products or cause an unsafe environment to work in. Accumulation conveyors allow your products to gently rest on each other, reducing the risk of damage.

Preventing Damage to the Equipment

Totes or cartons might get backed up on your conveyors if they aren’t zero-pressure. This can create more back pressure, which can damage the tote or carton. Plus, it might damage the conveyor belt, motor, reducer, or motor starter.

But this type of conveyor can eliminate the danger. Plus, they can offer sleep features that let your conveyors turn off after a while if it does not sense any products. This can decrease the wear on the rollers and reduce the amount of electricity it uses.

Keeping Your Operators Safe

If you do not have proper accumulation there, the operators need to regulate your processes. To manually take off the product and put this back in the line later, the operators will not be doing their normal job. This can decrease productivity. It can add additional handling time to the production and cause wastage.

It could create potentially hazardous situations for the employees. Many newer conveyors are safer to be around than non-pressure ones.

Choose the Best Accumulation Conveyor Today

There are many ways that using a zero-pressure conveyor can benefit you, and as the user, you can take advantage of them easily. You can keep your employees and products safe with them.

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