How to Get More Out of Your B2B Blog Content

One of the best ways to improve your online marketing efforts and online visibility is to start a B2B business blog.  A B2B business blog provides an outlet to share useful information with target audience members and establish credibility as a trusted industry source and thought leader.  The marketing benefits of a business blog extend beyond connecting with target audience members by also helping to improve search engine optimization efforts.  The search engines favor websites that are regularly updated with fresh content.  Since a business blog should be updated on a regular basis, it keeps target audience members and the search engines coming back to your site for more.  Over time, a well optimized blog post can rank prominently in the search engines for specific long tail keyword searches.

Blogging for business is no easy task, which is why a dedicated blog writer (or team of writers) needs to have blog post writing as one of their primary job duties.  As long as there is a public link to your blog on your website, it’s important to keep it active and post great content regularly.  It takes time to brainstorm a blog post idea, write it, edit it, post it, share it via social outlets, and then monitor the comments.  Depending on the readership of your blog, this could be a full time job itself.  Since so much effort is being put into blog post content, you want to get the most value out of it as possible.  For B2B SEO link building purposes and to improve website visibility, it’s important to create content across various channels.  Repurposing blog content and turning it into videos, articles, white papers, E-books, guides, guest blog posts, email newsletters, etc. should be a part of your content marketing strategy.

Remember, repurposing isn’t the same thing as copying.  To repurpose content, take the main idea of the blog post and then take a different approach.  View it from a different angle or cater it to a different audience.  If a blog post was written for people that are just researching, add some more specific information for the people that are farther along in the buying cycle when you write a guest blog post.  Think about what type of customer is interacting with your brand at which touchpoints.  Consumers like to receive information in different formats.  Some may prefer text, others might be visual learners that prefer a demonstrative video.  Repurposing content is the best way to hit all of these different types with your message.

When it comes to content creation, quality always trumps quantity.  Don’t feel like you need to turn your blog posts into videos, articles, white papers, etc. immediately.  You can spread it out over time.  If you see that you have a white paper scheduled to be created on your editorial calendar, look back to blog posts from a few months ago for inspiration.  As long as the content is still relevant, there is nothing wrong with using the topic again!

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