How Tower Packing Is Advantageous In Industrial Filtering

The safe storage of goods as they travel is a crucial necessity to any business and a manufacturer that supplies top-of-the-line solutions can help you to achieve this. When it comes to the principles of industrial filtering to ensure the proper transfer of gas-liquid mass, efficient processes must be in use. The packed tower scrubber presents many advantages, which is why it has been a popular method since the mid-nineteenth century. 



There are many advantages to a packed tower scrubber, including high-separating efficiency. The filtering operation within is under atmospheric pressure as well as vacuum pressure. With this exposure, the filtering efficiency is much higher than the plate towers.

When it comes to other features of tower packing, there is a lower pressure drop. There is a higher voidage in a packed tower scrubber so there will be a smaller drop in pressure than in plate towers. This low pressure will reduce operating costs while simultaneously preserving energy. This can be an excellent method for materials that are sensitive to heat. 

Due to the high operation flexibility, adjustments are possible for different types of applications. If you opt for plate towers, they may fall prey to liquid entrainment, liquid flood, and downcomer capacity. It is highly beneficial investing in a system that is preventative and considers all scenarios to avoid these messes.


There are countless applications for tower packing. Depending on the nature of your work, you will want to make sure that the right system is in place so that you do not sink money into wasteful methods that are less efficient. Additionally, cooling tower packing may also have a role in your business. 

This will be of excellent use for many applications of industrial filtering including pharmacy, petroleum, chemical engineering, and coal mines. It provides filtering, vacuum distillation, purifying, and separating. 


There are various components that makeup up one of these systems. In addition to the body, packings include structured packings, random packings, and demister pads. Internally there is a liquid distributor, a supporting grid, a hold-down grid, a liquid redistributor, and a gas distributor.

When you are looking for a new and advantageous way to carry out industrial filtering, you should make use of tower packing. It is far superior to other methods and can help to lower your costs in the long-run. When dealing with substances that are volatile and unstable, you want to make sure that they are under proper storage. 

At Kimre, we can help you figure out the right solution for your business. By engaging with our experts, you will be able to find out more information to understand the process better.

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