How Trade Show Marketing Can Help an SEO Campaign

The B2B decision making process can take time and it often requires many touchpoints before the actual conversion happens which means that B2B marketers need to utilize all of the marketing outlets that are available to them.  Trade shows have long been a B2B marketing staple.  Whether an individual representing your business is a keynote speaker or you have a booth set up, it provides an opportunity to network with others in the industry and present your products or services to attendees that are interested in what you have to offer.  For an SEO campaign, it’s important to leverage all “traditional” marketing efforts, including trade show marketing.

Attending a trade show can be beneficial to an SEO marketing campaign mostly due to the content marketing opportunities that accompany it.  Content is at the heart of an SEO campaign today because without it, it’s difficult to get any attention from the search engine spiders or end users.  New content posted on other web properties will generate inbound links back to your site to improve search engine trust and content posted on your own site tells the search engines that you provide fresh content that aims to please visitors. Since content creation can be difficult, it’s important to take advantage of the material that results from taking part in an industry trade show.

Since presenting at or speaking at a trade show is news, the first place to start is to write a press release on the topic.  Include information about the event, your business, and why your business is attending.  To “SEO” the press release, be sure to include anchor text keywords that link back to your site.  Distribute it through a paid PR service to improve the chances that it will get picked up by online media outlets and noticed by industry people that may include it in content of their own or by actual target audience members that may click over to learn more about what you have to offer.  You can also use this press release as an outline to write a blog post on the topic and promote it in social media.

Don’t miss out on the content opportunities that happen while you are actually at the trade show.  You might be busy, but set aside some time to live blog and post in social media about the event.  Not everyone that might be interested in the trade show is attending, so your content could be their resource to learn about what’s going on.  It will help to keep target audience members in the loop during the event.  Unique trade show hashtags can be used to find others attending the trade show and connect with them in social media.

Filming some video while at the event, even on a simple smartphone camera, provides an opportunity to enhance your video marketing efforts.  Shoot some video, make some simple edits, and share it on video sharing sites, within the blog, and throughout social media.

Write a follow up blog post once the event is over.  Since it’s likely that you learned some new information at the event, use that information as topics to create blog content going forward.

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