Identifying Key Decision Makers in Hospitals

In B2B sales, lead generation is all about targeting the right audience, one with the potential to become your client. Knowing who among the members of a medical facility are involved in the decision-making processes can help you personalize your marketing campaigns. While you may have the Nova Scotia medical directory available, finding decision makers among it is a task in itself.

Following is a list of the medical authorities often involved in decisions related to medical purchases. Some of these may be more accessible to you than others but knowing all is important.

Board Members

Board members of a hospital are often involved in the financial decisions of the facility. They are also responsible for approving the yearly budget, strategic plans, and management upgrades of the hospital. So if you are selling medical machinery that costs huge sums of money, you will need to direct your marketing approach toward the board members of a hospital. You can try ns physician search online where their information is easily available.  Although identifying them is easy, contacting them is a difficult task. You may need an intermediary or a mutual connection for that.


Executives in a hospital supervise day-to-day management and operations tasks to understand their challenges and strategize plans that solve such challenges. Executives in a hospital include:

  • Chief Medical Officers
  • Chief Clinical Officers
  • And Chief Experience Officers

In terms of medical B2B sales, these people in a Nova Scotia medical directory are your best bet. This is because executives also shoulder the responsibility of providing a thorough analysis of what medical products and services their hospital should buy. So if you can sell your products to them, they will do the rest of your job and sell them to the board members. To effectively communicate with the executives at a hospital, you can reach out to their assistants and set up a meeting.


Administrators are responsible for day-to-day operations and administrative tasks. They often have offices within the hospitals because they look after the smooth functioning of the healthcare facility. Different healthcare facilities function differently. Some hire general administrators that overlook all departments within a hospital, while others hire specific administrators that are only responsible for one department.

These individuals also hold key positions as decision-makers when it comes to purchasing medical products. This is because administrators often report back to executives with all the strengths and weaknesses in the administrative system of the hospital. Hence, if you are unable to reach out to executives, contacting administrators from a Nova Scotia medical directory can also be fruitful.

Finding out who is a board member, an executive, or an administrator from a Nova Scotia doctors list can be time-consuming. MD Select can shorten this process for you by providing you with the contact information of all key decision makers at various healthcare facilities. Then, all you need to do is reach out to them with relevant information about your products and services!  It is a simple and easy solution to your problem. Visit our website for further details or contact us to have your queries resolved.

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