Improving Air Quality at the Workplace to Increase Productivity

A healthy employee can be a productive employee. While you can’t control the factors affecting the health of your employees and coworkers while away from the office, you can certainly have a positive impact on their health while on the job. The problem is, many businesses fall short when it comes to regulating the indoor air quality at work. Sometimes even a simply step in the right direction can improve conditions at the workplace, like adding in a small air purifier for office use.

Improve air quality at work and improve your indoor environment

As employees return to physical workspaces in offices and buildings across Canada and beyond, health protocols are under serious scrutiny. To ensure worker safety, companies are completing their due diligence and ensuring systems are in place to provide the best virus and bacteria free environments possible. That could mean installing an air purifier for small space use, supplying an air purifier for small office use, or installing full-blown industrial air purification systems to ensure clean air is flowing through foundries, warehouses, or manufacturing spaces. There are other steps companies and employers can take to improve air quality on the job:

  • Eliminate the conditions that put employees at risk. A poorly ventilated office space with air that is endlessly recycled and clogged with airborne contaminants is a health risk waiting to happen. Reducing staff exposure to those things that put their respiratory systems at risk is a key step in improving the air quality of your workplace and the environments in which your employees work. While it may not be necessary to remove your entire HVAC system, it can help to install an air purification system to upgrade your air quality.
  • Simply keeping a workplace clean is a proactive measure to improve air quality. Hoarding stacks of cardboard boxes in moist, poorly ventilated areas can be a breeding ground for mold spores and bacteria. Hiring a cleaning company that provides comprehensive decontamination of surfaces is one strategy. Installing a small air purifier for office use is another, especially if that system is from
  • Redesign your office space. A “separation of church and state” that moves printers, photocopiers, and other pollutant-emitting devices from the areas where employees spend most of their time working is a good idea if it’s physically possible. Offices with carpets can collect volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that can trigger respiratory problems in compromised employees. In times of COVID, coughing, speaking, sneezing and breathing can also be sources of surface contamination. A small air purifier for office use can go a long way to improving air quality and eliminating pathogens that threaten worker safety.
  • Tell the sick to use their sick days. If there’s one positive takeaway from the COVID pandemic, it’s that people are realizing the risk you cause for others when you show up to work with symptoms of any kind, from flu to colds to deadly viruses. Just stay home!
  • Improve the air quality technology in your workplace. Outdated HVAC systems may not provide the safety and security required for indoor air quality required for employees to remain healthy and productive. Installing systems that constantly filter out airborne particulates and pollutants is an investment in productivity.

Look to us for top quality air quality filtration systems

We understand the importance of providing safe facilities for employees and partners. Our systems help reduce sick days, actively keep workplaces clean, and constantly protect workplace environments from the spread of air and surface contaminants 24/7. Consider the benefits of our air filtration systems.

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