Innovative Adhesive Solutions for Packaging Industry

Today, packaging has a lot of functions, from providing information for the customers, protecting goods, and transporting goods from one point to another. Importantly, it is a brand appearance determines the product’s consumer appeal, originality, and degree of finishing. Packaging is changed frequently by manufacturers. Lightweight packaging provides great benefits and is easy to handle. At the same time, modern packaging solutions are sustainable and innovative. Manufacturers need to use the most innovative adhesive for different packaging materials.

Corrugated Cardboard Packaging

Corrugated cardboard is the most used packaging globally. It is a lightweight material that is eco-friendly, stable, and can be finished in a lot of ways. Water-based adhesives from Technical Adhesive Limited are used for laminating the cardboard with high-quality papers during the finishing stage. These adhesives give the ideal processing features and superior adhesion properties for custom formulated adhesives.

Displays made of custom adhesive solutions with corrugated cardboard are the ideal packaging for advertising effectively at the point of sale. Hot melts adhesives ensure efficient and secure assembly after displays have been laminated.

Folding Boxes

Folding boxes communicate brand images and are increasingly used as advertising media. Therefore, they have become more custom formulated adhesives concerning form and degree of finishing and their function. From perforation to embossing, vanish coatings, and print sheet lamination.

For the custom formulated adhesives, special extras such as samples or labels can be applied with hot melts or dispersions from Technical Adhesives Limited, depending on the individual requirements either for permanent bonding or easy removal.

Clear Folding Boxes

Customers’ adhesive manufacturers of clear folding boxes require special adhesives. They can be manufactured from a variety of plastics, often difficult to bond, and each with different surface properties. The joint has to be without any blisters that would destroy the view. Technical Adhesives hotmelts provide optimum heat resistance, are transparent, and cure in thin layers without any blisters. The important feature of these products is the reduced yellow of the bond line due to the heat resistance of the adhesive. This ensures attractive packaging.

Sacks and Bags

Sacks and bags are strong and flexible. They ensure the safe transport of products like free-flowing bulk goods. To protect the products from moisture and mechanical stress, this packaging is always manufactured from a composite material that consists of several layers of plastic foils and paper, paper and paper, or aluminum foil and paper.

Customers adhesive manufactures of these products use hot melt. It provides a reliable bond even on hard bond materials. These hot melts are characterized by strong adhesive force, good wetting properties, and high aging stability.

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