Is Your Facility Updated with Latest Changes in Ontario Environmental Compliance Approvals?

As the government works to update its environmental standards, businesses will have to work to keep up with these improvements. Environmental compliance approvals (ECAs) are a form of environmental regulations standards imposed on certain businesses. Currently, each province has different standards and processes set in place for its ECA. As the ECA permit across Canada Ontario continues to evolve, here are a few deadlines and rules your business should stay up to date on.

What Are the Different ECA Standards?

Before February 1, 2020, every single application for an ECA in Ontario had to include an Emission Summary and Dispersion Modelling (EDSM) report. This report would now indicates to the given provincial government that the particular business complied with all Schedule 3 standards. The report must also demonstrate that SCREEN 3 and AERMOD models were followed. Now, Schedule 3 standards will apply to all operations and the previous Reg346 model will no longer be sufficient as an approved dispersion model. But what even is a Schedule 3 standard ECA?

There are two types of schedule standards to refer to when completing an ECA: Schedule 2 and Schedule 3. Both of these schedules are part of the O.Reg.419/05, also known as the Regulation. Schedule 2 and Schedule 3 standards list the types of contaminants and the respective concentrations that cannot be exceeded past a certain point. Anything over will be considered an impingement on provincial environmental standards and practices.

Where these two schedules differ is in how they measure their contamination limits. Schedule 2 bases its contamination limit on half-hour averaging periods while Schedule 3’s are based on variable averaging periods. Another key difference is how they are evaluated. Schedule 2 is evaluated with Reg365 while Schedule 3 is evaluated using the aforementioned SCREEN3 and AERMOD models. Schedule 2 standards have actually ended as of February 1, 2020. Now, every ECA permit must satisfy Schedule 3 limits.

When Should You Update Your EDSM Report?

The important thing to remember with regards to the EDSM report is to use Schedule 3 standards and apply the appropriate models. A good opportunity to update your EDSM report is during the annual EDSM report update. This is a mandatory action required by regulation or a condition of the ECA permit. An EDSM report will be immediately required should any modifications be made to one or all of the in question facilities.

It is important to note that an ECA in Ontario is not required for businesses with less complex operations. If your firm’s actions are deemed too simple for an ECA then the firm must register themselves with the Environmental Activity and Sector Registry (EASR).

These types of standards and regulations can become tedious and confusing for many hardworking businesses. To reduce the amount of time and worry necessary to complete these environmental applications contact DigiSci Environment Consulting today.

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