Kremlin Rexson Proves Success with 1K Waterborne Interior Composites Paint for Tier One Automotive Market

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EXEL North America (Manufacturer of Kremlin Rexson) partnered with our distributor, SOT Abrasives and Equipment of San Antonio, Texas to help an automotive customer develop a solution that would finish interior plastic parts with a new soft-touch coating for a new division that had moved to the area.

Toyoda Gosei, located in San Antonio, Texas is the interior components division of Toyota. They needed a solution that would finish the interior plastic parts of their Tundra and Tacoma model trucks.  The problem they faced was that this facility had never finished these plastic parts with a 1K Waterborne material. It was an entirely new paint technology for them.

EXEL North America and SOT Abrasives had worked with Toyoda Gosei previously on a 2K project.  Therefore, Toyoda Gosei asked SOT Abrasives & Equipment to come to the facility to offer their expert advice on how to apply a 1K Waterborne coating while delivering a fine finish with less overspray.  Bud Slover from SOT and Tom Dean from EXEL North America met with Toyoda to present their plan of action.  Bud Slover tested the application using a Manual Airmix® EOS system to prove the effectiveness of Airmix® technology compared to HVLP spray technology.  Tom Dean provided a quote for the automatic equipment needed.  This plant had never sprayed with Airmix® technology.  Kremlin Rexson developed the Airmix® technology many years ago and is known for its World Class Finishing with a proven transfer efficiency of 86%.

Toyoda Gosei needed a proven solution to be installed very quickly and that is what EXEL North America and SOT delivered.

Toyoda Gosei uses a Fanuc Robot in their paint booth. They previously applied a solvent-based coating using a DeVilbiss automatic HVLP spray gun fed by diaphragm pumps for paint and solvent.  Toyoda Gosei needed a high efficiency system compatible with their new 1K Waterborne composite paint and they needed it installed very quickly!

Bud Slover and Phil Baker of SOT and Tom Dean with EXEL North America met with the Toyoda team that consisted of Simon Barcena, Jorge Cortes, and John Castillo to discuss the solution and action plan.  They agreed upon an installation date, the order was placed, and shipped immediately for delivery.

The following equipment was quoted and installed:

(1) AVX Automatic Airmix® gun on the end of a Fanuc Robot
(2) Flowmax® Pumps – (1) for the waterborne material and (1) for flushing the material
(1) CTM – Color Change Valve (Paint – Flush)
(1) Circulation Valve
Fluid Pressure Regulators
A customized stand for the Kremlin Rexson equipment

Within 15 days from quoting, testing, and purchasing the equipment the complete job was installed at Toyoda Gosei.  After the equipment was installed, product trials went off perfectly!  Within the first hour of trials, the parts were ready for production vehicles.  This was a very fast implementation and installation by EXEL North America, SOT Abrasives and Equipment and the team at Toyoda.  It only took two days to program and integrate the Kremlin Rexson equipment with the Fanuc Robot.

What convinced Toyoda Gosei to purchase the Kremlin equipment?  Successful testing, quoting and delivery of a superior solution within a six-week timeframe is what convinced them that SOT and EXEL North America had the best equipment and the expert knowledge to do the job and do it right!

How did the process improve and how were labor costs reduced?  The very first run of production parts was accepted for quality and appearance. The equipment was easy to operate and easy to adjust.  With conventional spraying, the operators continually needed to adjust the guns and consistency was lacking.  Transfer efficiency was also dramatically improved compared to HVLP technology.

EXEL North America and SOT Abrasives and Equipment were able to provide Toyoda Gosei a system that delivered a fine finish with significantly reduced overspray compared to any other finishing application in their facility.  We will continue to work with Toyota to help them improve their processes and save them money.

Application:  1K Waterborne Coating
Market:  Automotive & Rolling Equipment
Equipment:  Flowmax® Pumps & AVX Automatic spray guns
Kremlin Rexson – We are the Experts in Finishing and Dispensing Solutions for over 80 years!This is just one of many successes for our SSC network and EXEL North America.  To learn more about the Kremlin Rexson product line, please visit our website at:

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