Kremlin Rexson PU3000 Plural Component Electro- Mechanical Mixing Equipment

EXEL North America is pleased to introduce the New Kremlin Rexson PU3000!
The PU3000 incorporates a unique “Plug and Play” concept for mixing two component paints. The patented “Pulse Free Control” technology delivers pulsation free performance for improved quality of mixing and application. Electronic, variable-ratio pumps ensure accurate, reliable mixing and controlled fluid delivery. The control panel can be remote mounted or machine mounted.

If you currently hot pot (hand mix) and have infrequent color changes, this is the perfect machine for you! On average, the PU3000 will save or add about 50 minutes of production time each day. The PU3000 will reduce material waste and facilitate faster clean-up, which significantly lowers operational costs.

We also offer a PU3000PH unit specifically designed for acid catalyzed materials.

The PU3000 is great for applying primers and top coats to metal, plastics and wood.

Here are some examples of materials used in the industry:
· Solvent or Water-based Coatings
· Polyurethanes
· MS Polymers
· Primers
· Silicon
· Lacquers
· Epoxy
· glues
· Acid-catalyst Top Coats

We have had proven successes with the PU3000 in the following Markets:
· Truck & Trailer
· Farm Equipment
· Heavy Machinery
· Military & Military Suppliers
· Oil Field Equipment
· OIL & Gas Markets
· Wood

We are excited to be launching this great New Product. To learn more about this innovative PU3000 2K equipment, please visit our website. You may also contact EXEL North America at 800.573.5554 or email our marketing team at

Kremlin Rexson – We are the Experts in Fluid and Dispensing Solutions for over 80 years! We have many experienced and capable distributors ready to assist you with your needs today! Contact us today to learn more about the new PU3000 and to locate a dealer near you.

Excel North America Inc. is featured on MacRAE’S Blue Book!

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