Stability in the face of change is at the core of Feedall’s endurance and success. Its management and operations are centralized with the majority of its manufacturing still done on site at its long-time Willoughby factory including fabrication, machining, and assembly. The company, now in its 66th year, is managed by a third generation of family founders and owners, Roger Winslow, Jr., President.

Winslow says, “The economy has been tremendously challenging for us as well as our customers. Thankfully, our stability and total control of operations has allowed us to be flexible and open to new opportunities. We are focusing on doing what we do best while developing new customized solutions to include a broader range of applications and industries. You’ve got to be innovative today and think outside the comfort zone.

“I believe that we will continue to thrive because of the enduring quality of our products, our solid reputation with our customers, and mostly for the dedication, loyalty and commitment of all our employees. Our equipment is designed and built to last, bullet proof, according to some of our oldest customers. We also offer a full range of repair parts, maintenance services along with retooling services so that they can modify their Feedall equipment to fit their current machining needs.”

Feedall provides the most advanced line of non-vibratory parts feeding systems (see samples above) available. Mechanical feed systems reduce the manpower needed to handle parts transfer from one machine to another. They work with speed, accuracy and reliability 24/7.  This improves productivity and lowers cost in a wide variety of industries, from aerospace to automotive, construction, lawn & garden, machine tools, mining, to power generation and more.

Equipment consists of conveyors, magazine, hopper and billet feeders and can be customized to handle just about any size or type of steel, aluminum, shaft, rods, bushings, bars, cylindrical parts and much more. Machines that are fed parts can include press, machining center, centerless grinder, forgings, induction heaters, and robot loaders.

Feedall, Inc. recently updated its “content-rich” website at You can log on to find customer solutions by part or machine fed at “Find a Feedall” online.

History:  Feedall, Inc. began as a one-man operation.  While working for a Cleveland based machine tool manufacturer, Lewis Winslow realized that the equipment was capable of achieving higher production rates. The machines were being fed manually which required tedious bending and lifting. This repetitive movement caused physical fatigue of the operator and resulted in lower production rates. Lewis Winslow realized that this process could be improved by the addition of automatic parts feeders. This led to the design idea for the first automatic machine feeders; which would enable U.S. manufacturers to reach their full production capacity. It was a single man operation with Mr. Winslow designing and assembling the units himself.  Original customers included the automotive plants in both Cleveland and Detroit.  Roger Winslow Sr. succeeded his father, Lewis, as President after his death and today, the company is headed by Roger Winslow, Jr.

For more information, call 800.942.8101 or 440.942.8100, or log on to

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