MarShield Announces New Products

MarShield is pleased to announce a new line of precision machined and milled, straight or interlocking lead bricks. These bricks are available in standard or custom sizes. Used extensively for shielding radiation for industrial, nuclear and medical uses, as well as for anti-corrosive linings.

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MarShield is pleased to announce a new line of low cost lead pig storage containers for the storage of vials containing PET or other high-energy radionuclides. These all lead pigs allow you to safely transport or store your concentrated energy source.  Our customers are saying:  “They are seeing an average savings of 50% and a reduced lead time.” Available in any size or lead thickness with removable lid.

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MarShield is pleased to announce a new line of durable, cost-effective track hardware for our lead-lined curtains.  Our new 12 gauge, enclosed, steel roller track is available in both straight and curved sections, giving our customers greater flexibility when it comes to curtain configurations.  For added durability, we now offer heavy duty, 12 gauge trolleys with steel wheels.

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 MarShield is now offering lead strips from STOCK in 2″ widths by 96″ or 120″ lengths. These strips are available in 1/32″ – 1/16″ and 1/8″ thick. They are essential for covering the seams of lead panels or leaded drywall when lead lining a room. Lead buttons to cover the screw holes are also available in a 5/16″ diameter in 1/32″ and 1/16″ thickness.

marshield 7 For information or a quotation on the above products please contact our Sales Team:
Toll Free: 1-800-381-5335

MarShield is an advertiser on MacRAE’s Blue Book!

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