Matching your Cushions to Your Couch

Cushions are a great way to add style, interest, and extra color to your couch! Cushions are helpful because they are a quicker and more affordable way to instantly upgrade the look and feel of your couch. If your couch is feeling a bit blah, but you are not looking to fully replace it, consider making the smaller investment in perfectly matched couch cushions to give it a refreshed feel! Custom home furnishings such as couch cushions convey a great eye for detail, and a well thought out and cohesive space.

When matching couch cushions to your couch, there are a few things to keep in mind. Firstly, what is the color of the couch itself? The color of the couch itself will decide what color palette your custom upholstery will have. However, many people may think that this means that your couch cushions will need to be a perfect match to the color of their couch. This is not true, it is often much more impactful to create visual contrast on the couch by employing the use of cushions that are made of complementary, but different, colors than the couch itself. A more neutral toned couch can become much more stand out with the addition of a more vivid set of cushions, with brighter colors. Want to stick within the neutral family for both couch and cushions! Go ahead! Somebody who does good quality furniture upholstery in Houston can ensure that all of the elements of the couch and cushions are properly harmonious. Couch cushions can also be a great and easy place to inject some patterns into your room, which can really liven the place up a bit!

Lastly, a good quality purveyor of custom home furnishings will take the style of your couch into account as well. For example, a couch with a more traditional and classic style will likely lend itself to a more restrained use of patterns, and a more neutral color palette. Whereas, a couch with a more distinctively modern style can look more at home with of the moment and trendier colors and patterns of couch cushions. The key is to make the couch look cohesive but still interesting, with the clever use of exactly the right couch cushions.

A smart and professional interior design firm can help ensure that your custom upholstery matches not only your couch, but the entire feel of your room. Cushions can be a great refresh to a space, that works with-and not against- the overall desired feel of your space. We always aim to merge form and functionality, in order to create a space that is both distinct and meaningful to you. Upgrade your space with perfectly matched couch cushions.

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