Maximize Facility Space With Cannabis Drying Racks

Before dispensaries and head shops can sell marijuana, plants must go through several processes. One of those involves drying the now harvested plants. If not completely dried, cannabis loses some of its delicate balance of flavor and smell. Also, when smoked, it can cause a burning sensation that diminishes the overall experience.

Cannabis drying racks benefit all facilities but especially those with limited space. Without inadequate room, there’s always a risk of the plants not drying properly. Whether you’re starting a marijuana growing business or expanding one you already own, you want to use the right type of bud drying racks.

The simple decision of using a high-quality stainless steel drying rack with the correct configuration will have a positive impact on the production efficiency and yield.

Two Excellent Options for Bud Drying Racks

Particularly if you’re dealing with limited space, either one of these racks is ideal.

Mobile Shelving Cannabis Drying Racks

These industrial racks consist of units mounted on caster wheels. For this, you can choose one of the three available options.

  1. Mechanically Assisted – That means the unit features a hand crank that allows the unit to move when turned.
  2. Manually Assisted – Just as the name implies, this involves pushing and pulling the units by hand.
  3. Electrically Powered – Of the three options for a stainless-steel drying rack unit, this is the easiest to use.

Regardless of which option you select, the combination of well-made cannabis drying racks and consistent spacing will give you enough room for hundreds of pounds of dry marijuana.

Usually, 4-5 pounds of wet harvested plants yield 1 pound of dry product. So, if you opt for a stainless-steel drying rack designed with 24 trays, each capable of holding 2 pounds of dry pot, you’ll have a system that can accommodate between 10 and 12.5 pounds of dried marijuana.

Wire Shelving

This is the second option when needing to use a drying rack in a facility with limited space. Dual-purpose bud drying racks work for both wet- and dry-trimmed buds. Not only does this speed up the drying process, but it also reduces cost. To take advantage of vertical space, you can choose wire shelving for trellis plants.

No matter which of the bud drying racks you prefer, remember one important thing. Always purchase a unit that’s approved for food-service applications. Those systems have an NSF-certified coating, which means the racks can handle frequent fluctuations in temperature and prevent the growth of microbes.

Superior Quality and Affordability

When you’re ready to buy stainless-steel drying racks, we can help. Harvest Supply Canada Inc, a leading provider of cannabis drying racks in Canada, offers superior quality and affordable options. Contact us today.

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