Washington Mills: Mullite for Investment Cast

Fused minerals are an essential material used in the ceramic shell building process when fabricating complex metal shapes by creating ceramic molds or patterns.  Washington Mills, a leading manufacturer of abrasive grain and fused minerals, offers DURAMUL.  DURAMUL is a fused, high purity mullite produced by the electric furnace fusion of Bayer process alumina and high purity silica. DURAMUL is utilized in the manufacture of refractory products where hot strength, resistance to spalling, and low thermal conductivity are important factors. For quality control, there is an excess of aluminum oxide above the normal mullite ratio (3 Al2O3 : 2 SiO2) to ensure that all of the SiO2 is contained within the mullite phase and is not present in the glass phase. Duramul receives specialty treatment to remove virtually all of the magnetic iron present.


For more information on DURAMUL and how it can be used in your next investment casting project, please contact us today at 800-828-1666 or email us at info@washingtonmills.com.

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