Open Source Universal Meter 333mVrms AC to DC Transducer


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Open Source Meter Inc.,


ATLANTA, GA – Open Source Meter, Inc., announces that it now offers the OSM-RMS333DCX.X a 333mVrms (max input 1Vrms) to DC output transducer. The module is designed to work with standard 0-333mVrms current transformers, potential transformers, sensors, and many different types of panel meters. With its compact size, ultra low power requirements, and wide range of voltage inputs, it can be configured into many project designs with ease. The module comes preprogrammed for output values of 0.2, 2, 2.5, 3.3 and 5VDC. Custom output values with a max output between 0.2V to 5V can be ordered. The small signal 0/333VAC to DC transducer can be found on  at .


The OSM-RMS333DC offers a convenient true RMS DC transducer solution to connect to high quality and accurate Split-Core  and Solid-Core  current transformers. This solution offers ease of installation and a wide range of current transformers. Magnelab Split-core 333mVAC current transformers “sense” AC current from 5 to 5,000 Amps passing through the center conductor. Split-core transformers are ideal for installation on existing electrical wiring by snapping around the conductor. The Magnelab SCT series have one of the highest industry standards both for interleaving joints and the self-locking mechanism. Accuracy of Magnelab current transducers are within one percent of AC measurements.

Open Source Meter is offering the OSM-RMS333DC for $45 from March 1st, 2016 to July 1st, 2016.The promotion has no limit on quantities ordered or limits on use by customer.

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OSM-RMS333DC  Small Signal 0.333VAC to DC Transducer

 About Open Source Meter
Open Source Meter Inc., a privately owned Atlanta, Georgia company, began operations in 2010 as a development and manufacturing company. Open Source Meter specializes in electrical power metering and current and voltage monitoring for use in industrial and commercial settings. Open Source Meter’s mission is to provide an interface for industrial and commercial automation and control allowing for greater efficacy and safety though monitoring. OSM is a group of highly qualified hardware design, firmware, software and application engineers striving to provide our customers with quality value added services and products at a sensible cost.

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