Pioneer Cabinetry Success Story – Kremlin Rexson


Production :
Pioneer Cabinetry has been a manufacturer of semi-custom kitchen and bathroom cabinetry since 1986.  This project was for sealing and top coating wood cabinetry.

Type of Coatings
Sherwin Williams Stains, Sealers and Topcoats

Economic Interest:
Pioneer Cabinetry needed a better finishing process that could keep up with the operator and the production needs.

Doug Roberts of Sherwin Williams saw the opportunity to save paint, provide a better quality finish for his customer, and eliminate the racking bottleneck of the existing process.

An onsite demo was conducted with the new Kremlin EOS / Airmix® system to prove capabilities and to meet the customers’ needs.

Pioneer immediately noticed the improved quality and throughput.  Quality and production went up while defects, racking and overspray went way down.

Kremlin Rexson Solution:.  John McDowell has been recognized as the fastest painter in the area.  The fact that the system keeps up with him and produces the higher quality finish than what they previously had is beyond expectations.  John especially likes how it has eliminated the extra passes, “NO more box coat.  I can hit everything in one pass”.   Mike Payne likes how easy it is to change the tip.  He drops down two tips sizes when he takes over for John.  Mike states, “I like how you just pop it out and push in the new size.”  I wouldn’t trade it for anything”, he added.

Pioneer Cabinetry used an average of 15-18 gallons of sealer and top coat prior to the new installation. They average 5-7 gallons less a day with the new system which is a 35% paint savings per day.  Both systems were paid off within the first month.  Janette Reif, Finishing Technician, likes how easy it is to train new operators on the new system.  Janette adds,  “There is less rework, less sanding and faster throughput.  Rework has dropped dramatically and there is faster throughput.  The old equipment wasn’t keeping up.  Now it is”.

photo 2 photo 4

Installed Kremlin Rexson Equipment:
(4) EOS 15-C25 Airmix® Systems
Pioneer built containment cabinets for the pumps to keep them clean, yet accessible. 

Previous Equipment:
Airspray guns and pressure pots – the finisher moved from one station to another to paint one part at a time. Parts were racked to flash off before putting them through the oven.


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