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Electronic cable assemblies, also known as a cable harnesses, wire harnesses, or wiring looms, can be lifesavers when it comes to organizing and securing the cables powering your vehicle, construction machinery, computer, or any other electronic device. Instead of having all of your wires flow freely in and around your devices, you can use cable assemblies to group them all together into a single unit. 

Not only does this make the best use of the available space inside of your device, but it also helps to avoid damage and disconnections resulting from the free-flowing movements or vibrations of your wires.

However, thinking of ways to optimally organize your wires can be a tedious and time-consuming process. This is why it’s always better to use professional cable assembly companies instead. To make sure you end up with the right electronic cable assembly company for your needs, be sure to prioritize companies with the traits described below. 

Offers Customized Solutions

You should choose a company that can provide a cable assembly to work for your specific needs, no matter how customized. For this reason, look for companies that offer a full range of electronic cable and wiring harness assemblies for a variety of cables types, including flat ribbon, coaxial, battery, multi-conductor cables, and others. Similarly, prioritize companies with proven experience across a variety of different industries, such as medical, automotive, and manufacturing (just as examples).

Uses High-Quality Materials

You don’t want to have a costly cable assembly installed in your machine or device only to find out that it doesn’t hold up against the conditions inside it. To make sure you get a cable assembly that lasts, look for companies that prioritize premium materials in their builds. Specifically, you want assurance that your cable assemblies will endure even the harshest of elements, meaning cable assemblies with high chemical resistance, EMI suppression for example. Lot traceability also provides an extra degree of assurance and accountability. 

You also want to look for high quality not just in the cables themselves, but also in any connector encapsulation as well. For the best results, be on the lookout for proper potting compounds (such as epoxy and polyurethane), as well as connector encapsulations that work with the full-suite of unshielded and multi-shield electrical jacketed cables.

Relies on Visual Inspection and Electrical Tests

Any reputable cable assembly manufacturers will run their assemblies through not just a visual inspection, but also a full power electricity test with Cirris testers. Before your cable assembly reaches your machine or device, you should have the assurance of knowing that your assembly is in perfect working order. 

For electronic cable assemblies, that check all of the boxes above, be sure to pay us a visit.

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