Plastex Matting acquires the matting assets of Tepromark International

Plastex Matting Inc, Fort Payne, AL, has acquired the matting business of Tepromark International Inc, Skokie, IL. Tepromark was a distributor of Plastex’s matting and flooring products and had been in the flooring and matting business in the USA for 30+ years.

Plastex Matting Inc has relocated Tepromark International’s stock holding to it Fort Payne AL manufacturing facility and would be pleased to service all previous of Tepromark’s customers. Please call 256 845 7725.

The Tepro prefixed products will fit seamlessly in the Plastex Matting products;

From the Self draining open grid Matting section;
Teprohold = Vynagrip
Teprostat = Vynastat
Rooftred = Crossgrip
Tuffgrid = Flexigrid
Vinyl Duckboard Mat = HVD
From the Wet/Dry surface matting section;
Teproflow = Heronrib
The Gripper Mat = Deckmat
Hollowgrip = Heronair

From the Entry Way open grid matting section;
Entrytred = Frontrunner Entry
Entrytred Brush = Frontrunner Brush
Closegrip = Firmagrip

From the Solid Vinyl Matting and Flooring section;
Tepro Spot = Flexi Dot
Tepro Spot Economy = Eco Dot
Tepro Stud = Flexi Button
Tepro Tred = Flexitred

Specialist matting and tiles section;
Air cushion tubular matting – Cushionmat profile #CM36 = Pillomat
Interlocking tiles – Gridlock profile #GR100

Plastex is an advertiser and can be FOUND in MacRAE’s Blue Book!


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