Second generation of family leadership at helm as company crosses half century mark

FORT PAYNE, Ala. (Aug. 22, 2013) — From entrepreneurial beginnings half a century ago, Plastic Extruders Ltd, a privately-held manufacturing company, has developed a distribution network in 52 countries worldwide and is once again increasing production capacity in its Alabama manufacturing facility.

50 years

Based in the UK, Plastic Extruders Ltd, otherwise known as Plastex, is one of the world’s market leaders in the manufacturing of entrance, leisure and slip-resistant open-grid matting. Founded in December 1962, the company is now run by the founding family’s second generation, David and Peter O’Sullivan, who serve as managing director and sales director, respectively. The company specializes in the design and production of a wide range of safety and special-purpose products for a variety of specialized applications.

To serve increasing demand in North America, Plastex opened a US manufacturing plant 16 years ago in Fort Payne, Ala. Both the UK and US zero-waste manufacturing facilities operate 24-hour production cycles, with proprietary and custom-process machinery designed and built in-house in the United Kingdom.

“The last three years have seen remarkable growth in output from the Fort Payne factory, especially considering the challenging economic situation,” said David O’Sullivan. “With an increase of total annual output by 70 percent since 2010, a fourth matting production line is being put in place that will give us a 33% increase in capacity.”

Known for versatile matting solutions that can be customized for almost any need, Plastex’s fifty-year success has been due in large part to its innovative approach to design and problem solving, as well as its close links with distributors. Major products include Vynagrip, Heronrib, Crossgrip, Frontrunner Entry and Heronair, which are all manufactured and marketed in the UK and US under both the Plastex brand names and private labels.

With custom-made mats created to serve a variety of original equipment manufacturers and industries, including retail, boating and travel/tourism, Plastex’s product can be found throughout pre-eminent spas, in the entryways and on the rooftops of government buildings and leading retailers, in washrooms and shower rooms for troops overseas, in the maintenance depots of London’s Underground and as safe walkways through glaciers in Switzerland. Easily withstanding varying extremes and environments, Plastex’s innovative capabilities can match the harshest environments, from the intense heat of the Middle East to the bitter cold of Antarctica, all while assuring comfort and safety.

“Through our design and innovation program, we work with our customers to constantly improve the form, function and cost effectiveness of our products,” said David O’Sullivan. “This means we are always updating our products to meet customers’ demands and needs or to satisfy the latest regulations. Ultimately, we develop our products to adjust to ever-changing circumstances, often leading the charge as innovators in the field.”

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About Plastex Matting

Plastex’s highly-successful matting division is an industry driving force with its continued commitment to the development of new technologies and the manufacturing of cutting edge products that meet universal legislative and safety standards. With a range of more than 40 distinct products, Plastex Matting offers one of the most comprehensive and versatile collections available. Beyond assuring quality and performance, Plastex also has a deep commitment to ecological preservation through the reuse of trimmings and waste material at production facilities. For more information about Plastex Matting, call (256) 845-7725 or visit

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