Plastic 3D Printing: What Benefits Does It Bring Along?

One of the reasons that many companies are choosing 3D printing is because of the wide range of materials that can be used. A knowledgable provider of plastic prototype service can help guide you into the most appropriate material and 3D printing process.

Wide Variety of Choices

When you are using plastics in 3D printing, among the different available processes, there are a number of materials now available ranging from nylons, epoxies, ABS blends, carbon-fiber.  There are even new biodegradable plastics, which might be applicable to certain projects.

Use Plastic to Print Larger Parts

Recently, new 3D printing machines have come on the market which offer very large build areas when compared to previous versions of the machines.  This has opened an entirely new market of potential 3D printed parts. For these larger parts,  getting customized and accurate parts through traditional manufacturing means has often been very expensive or required large custom molds. This new option opens new doors for a plastic prototype company.

Make Inexpensive Parts

One of the biggest advantages of 3D printing is the price to fabricate custom parts in low numbers, particularly one-off parts without tooling. In addition, the cost of 3D printing materials continues to improve as the market matures. Low-priced materials are good for creating inexpensive prototypes for quick engineering studies.

Useful for Any Industry

Many industries choose to use 3D printing. For example, the medical industry can use it to make models of body parts and organs or to create some tools. The automotive industry turns to plastic prototype manufacturers to create car parts and components. Even in the aerospace industry, you will find many applications for plastic prototype service.

According to Fortune Business Insights™, The global 3D printing materials market size was USD 1.53 billion in 2018 and is projected to reach USD 3.78 billion by 2026, exhibiting a CAGR of 12.1% during the forecast period.

Easily Prototype Your Items

When it comes to product prototyping, plastic is the material of choice for many companies. 3D printing is an ideal solution when it comes to prototyping. Plus, it is a good method for rapid prototyping since you can easily make several iterations. You just have to use the right 3D modeling software to do so.

Choosing the Right Plastic Prototype Manufacturers

Global Technology Ventures, Inc. can help you decide on the right plastic printing method for your company. When it comes to choosing the right material, ensure that you look at the technical requirements. Feel free to contact Global Technology Ventures today to find out why we are one of the best plastic prototype manufacturers.

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