Rotational Molding Leader Launches Aerospace Division

Rotational Molding Company, Granger Plastics has recently begun its initial steps towards expanding by launching a new division of Granger Plastics, which is Granger Aerospace Products. Granger’s new Aerospace division will focus on continuing growth for the rotomolding leader by providing a number of custom solutions to the aviation, defense and aerospace industries. Granger Aerospace products will also feature a proprietary, patent pending line of Air Cargo Containers that will feature durable rotomolded polyethylene construction, which will replace the traditional fiberglass and aluminum units. These polyethylene ULD containers require far less maintenance then the other traditionally used air cargo containers . Along with the drastic reduction in maintenance expenses realized by the airline industry, Granger’s air cargo containers will also offer a lighter tare weight than most ULD containers; this in fact will provide substantial savings in fuel consumption to the airlines. This will allow the airlines to operate more efficiently and be more environmentally friendly, by burning less petroleum based fossil fuels. Granger Plastics ULD containers also offer another “green” benefit over traditional fiberglass units, based on the fact that the polyethylene units will be recyclable, whereas fiberglass is not.

Granger Plastics has been involved in building custom ULD containers for a number of international leaders in the commercial airline industries for over 15 years. Over those 15 years, Granger’s previous customers from the airline industry have continuously raved about the performance and the lessened maintenance that comes with the high quality manufacturing of Granger Plastics. The move into the line of proprietary, patent pending air cargo containers comes at a time in which many leaders in the aviation and aerospace sectors are looking at a number of ways to cut costs and become more environmentally friendly. The Granger Plastics ULD containers offer answers to both of those initiatives!

The Granger Plastics Company is a full service Rotational Molder offering engineering, manufacturing, mold making, order fulfillment and warehouse options to its customers. Granger is known for leading innovative designs and manufacturing products that others in our industry claimed could not be done. Learn more about Granger Plastics by visiting To learn more about Granger Aerospace, more information will be available soon on it’s website at

Granger Plastics can be FOUND here in MacRAE’s Blue Book!!!

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