Poly Pak America Launches New Resilience Film and Mighty Lite Mailer Product Line

Los Angeles, CA, September 23, 2015

Poly Pak America proudly announces the launch of a new line of polyethylene film and mailers.

Called “Resilience”TM film, or when made into plastic mailers under the brand name “Mighty Lite”TM

mailer, the new resilience film and mailer line of products offer lighter but stronger construction in a

highly sustainable product.

Resilience films and Mighty Lite mailers were purposefully developed to adapt to the growing needs

and rigors of the e-Commerce market and internet focused retailers. “After several months of internal

research and development, the Resilience product was independently tested against thicker product

and truly exceeded our expectations”, said Caryn Fitleberg, Poly Pak’s Chief Operating Officer. “We

are very excited to present this product to the marketplace”. Among its key attributes are: a higher

gloss factor which make printed graphics stand out more, 4.4% greater puncture resistance and

6.1% greater tensile (tear) strength to help withstand the challenges of today’s global logistics, and

25.3% greater yield per ft/lb to help reduce material in landfills.

“Our Resilience based products were carefully developed primarily to meet the needs of all online

retailers”, says Greg Lary, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “Our customers were seeking new

innovation in plastic mailers to reduce costs, improve their operations, ensure their products arrive

safely, and reduce the amount of material to meet their sustainability and environmental initiatives.

Resilience films and Mighty Lite mailers clearly delivers on all of these core objectives”.



Since 1971, Poly Pak America is a leader in the manufacture and production of wholesale and

custom poly mailers, heavy duty bags, poly bags, poly film, plastic pouches, cash security bags, and

poly mailers. Our custom poly mailers, heavy duty, stock, and custom poly bags are the ideal

packaging that our customers depend on through all sorts of handling and weather. For more

information, contact: Greg Lary or visit our website at www.polypak.com



Greg Lary

Poly Pak America, Inc.





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