Public Transport VS Taxi Services- Which is the Safer Option?

If and when you need to travel to the airport and don’t have a means of transport of your own, you are facing a very serious dilemma. What means of transportation are more, or less, safe during these corona times.

With the risk of catching covid-19 being very real, the question is, how do you protect yourself from it by choosing a means of getting about?

Let’s examine the available options, comparing them to taking a Toronto Airport Taxi.

The first and most accessible option is taking the TTC, but how safe are you on a bus or streetcar? With spacing between passengers and mandatory mask wearing in place, they seem to be relatively safe. But that is only when they operate at well below full capacity.

And even then, when you exit and board, the proximity to other riders increases the risks significantly. The way the corona virus spreads is by being close to an infected person when they cough or sneeze. Even a strong exhalation of breath carries enough droplets to carry the virus over to others.

Masks do help but only to a point, and with so many people crammed together, some of whom follow the mask rule very loosely, the risk is very high. Especially considering you don’t really need those droplets to reach your eyes or breathing tract. It is sufficient to touch a contaminated surface and then absent mindedly touch your nose or face.

Compared to those conditions, taking a Toronto Airport Taxi is considerably safer. It also carries risks stemming from the fact you may touch a surface or object touched by someone else (same as on a bus) but the sheer amount of people is considerably different.

Our Toronto and Etobicoke Taxi Service is very mindful of those risks and ensures the driver disinfects the car interior every time a passenger leaves before another is taken on board.

Another advantage of a Airport Taxi Toronto service is that, also unlike a crowded streetcar, you are able to open a window and allow fresh air in.

The Institute of Global Health has released a study showing that people who use public transportation are far more likely to contract the flu during flu season and are therefore also very likely to get covid-19.

Another significant advantage of the Toronto or Etobicoke Taxi Service is that it takes you directly from the point of pick up to your destination. As mentioned before, the ride in a bus is risky enough but it gets worse as you have to transfer between routes.

No such thing is necessary when you take a Toronto Airport Taxi that drops you off directly in front of the terminal.

Ride safe, stay safe.

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