Q-Banners Turn Line Space into Advertising Display Space

Q-Banners, a newly introduced product which places advertising and branding messages in front of consumers who are waiting in lines, are now available from The Tamis Corporation.

At many sites, waiting line space is designated by the placement of stanchions with retractable belts. With Q-Banners, these sites can now take the previously unused space between stanchions and turn it into an area in which they can promote their own brand, or sell advertising to other organizations.

Q-Banners consist of a cassette, which can retrofit to any brand of retractable belt stanchions, and a printed banner, which is pulled down from a horizontal bar. The result is a 5-foot wide by 3-foot high high-impact advertisement.

The banner can be printed on one or both sides, so the message can be displayed to those inside the line, outside the line, or both. Banners are available in either vinyl or mesh. Mesh banners are ideally suited for outdoor applications, such as outdoor cafes and summer sports or concert venues.

Locations which have employed Q-Banners include airports, convention centers, movie theaters, and sports stadiums and arenas. Q-Banners can help build brand awareness, convey specific messages and integrate the look of waiting lines into an overall site theme.

Q-Banners have been recently launched in the United States, after a successful introduction in the United Kingdom which included an appearance on the BBC2 television show “Dragon’s Den” (the UK version of the U.S. show “Shark Tank”).

For more information on Q-Banners, visit Q-Banner.com


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