Reliance Foundry Launches New Decorative Plastic Bollard Product Line

Reliance Foundry has added a new selection of Ideal Shield™ ornamental plastic bollard covers to its product lines. These decorative bollard coves offer a variety of architecturally appealing shapes and styles, and present a cost effective alternative to stainless steel, stone or concrete decorative bollards.

Reliance Foundry model R-7174 post covers in front of office building Decorative plastic bollard post covers are manufactured from polyethylene thermoplastic; they fit over a variety of standard bollard posts, they are available in a variety of standard colors, and they are extremely easy to permanently install over existing posts – instantly improving their appearance. These bollards are ideal in harsh weather, and are fade resistant. The covers can be purchased and placed over existing steel bollard posts, or they can be used to add aesthetic enhancements for new, utilitarian steel pipe bollards.


Occasionally, old security posts, worn out or cracking cement bollards, or other rusted steel bollard pipes are removed from their foundations without a second thought given to their usability. Because their outward appearance no longer fits with their surroundings, removal or replacement seems the easiest choice. However, now those posts can continue to serve the landscape and property with style. Reliance Foundry’s ornamental plastic post covers fit over top of existing posts, extending their life, and reducing the need to consider removal and replacement.

Reliance model R-7173-L decorative post cover blends in with background landscapeReliance’s patented Ideal Shield™ decorative bollard covers are produced with a green initiative strategy. They place high importance on reusing materials — even regrinding every drop of plastic, damaged pieces or returned product — so that nothing is wasted.

“Our customers will find this new product line a cost-efficient way to make their existing bollards and posts aesthetically pleasing while enjoying the benefits of durability and low-maintenance” said Reliance Foundry Vice President, Brad Done.

This new decorative bollard cover line includes 6 different styles that come in several standard colors. Each one is made using ultraviolet and anti-static additives which prevent fading and help the cover retain its appearance. They add an element of elegance to otherwise industrial-looking security posts.

Done also commented, “Our new covers are architecturally appealing and ideal for areas that have strict visual ordinances because of their setting. They allow stores, offices and residences to provide security bollards that are elegant and non-obtrusive.”

Reliance R-7172 decorative post covers shown highlighting front of retail storeFinding a style that suits the property should not be a problem. Options range from sleek, minimalistic stylings, to covers with detail throughout the length of the post. Models are available to fit over 6.5” dia. pipe, and larger models are available for fitting over top of wider posts (i.e. 10” in diameter).

Decorative plastic bollard covers offer stylish, architecturally appealing bollard protection; they are a great option for municipalities with strict visual ordinances and non-industrial settings. Reliance Foundry is excited to be able to offer these new ornamental covers along with the many other models in their growing bollard product line.

About Reliance Foundry Co. Ltd.
Reliance Foundry has been a family-owned business since 1927. Bollards are one of its main product lines, along with industrial wheels, bike parking products and investment castings. Reliance sources products globally and offers quick and convenient delivery in the United States and Canada from its Vancouver location. Reliance Foundry can be FOUND !

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