Replace Your High Maintenance Lawn with Easy Care Wildflowers Using These Tips

Do you find your large yard is taking up too much time and costing you more than you want to spend? Large yards require a lot of maintenance as you must sow the proper grass seeds, water regularly, and mow your lawn properly without going too short or letting the grass grow too long. Your outdoor space may be costing you far more time and money than you hoped. That’s when it may be best for you to grab some wildflower mix and choose an easier-going lawn care approach.

By sowing wild flower seeds in your yard, you can grow beautiful, colorful plants that will make your lawn look more visually appealing without nearly as much time and money required. By including a wildflower mix in your yard, you don’t need to worry about fertilizers, watering, or constant moving. Simply plant the seeds and sit back as your yard gains more visual appeal without extra financial costs or hassle.

Invest in perennial wild flower seeds that are tested for purity and germination so you can enjoy your beautiful yard and its interesting features. Follow these steps to grow wildflowers in your yard successfully:

1. Choose Where to Plant Them

While wildflowers are low maintenance, you’ll still want to make sure they have access to sunlight and water. Find an area in your yard where it’s particularly tricky to grow healthy grass that has direct access to sunlight and isn’t shielded if there is rainfall.

2. Pick Your Wildflower Mix of Seeds

When choosing your perennial wild flower seeds, make sure to choose a mix that will thrive in your area. You’ll also want it to be filler and inert-free, so you’re buying 100% seed.

3. Preparation

Depending on the size of your designated wildflower area, make sure to prepare the area for planting your wildflower seeds. Remove any weeds or plants that are already there, and strip the lawn so you just have soil left. Make sure there are no nearby plants that could germinate or damage the wildflowers. Rake and loosen the soil, so it’s flat and ready for sowing.

4. Planting Your Wildflowers

When you approach the actual planting of your wild flower seeds, make sure there is no wind. Divide your seeds and keep some in a container with builder’s sand to make it easier to see where you sow them. Scatter your seeds and sand in your designated area and make sure they are proportioned well for healthy growth. Sow the first half of your seeds in parallel vertical lines and the next half in parallel horizontal lines. If your seeds require light to germinate, make sure not to bury them under soils.

After you’re done planting, your job will simply be to keep watch to ensure your planting area remains moist and watch your wildflowers grow!

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