Rooting out the Bad Data in Your Organization

In the digital age, one of the biggest challenges, to all businesses, is reliable data. It fuels business decisions and can ultimately lead a business to flourish or flounder. Verified information, constantly farmed and updated, can lead to sound business decisions and success. Poor, unmanaged information, can lead to disaster. Let Scott’s help provide reliable data with a business directory Mississauga.

To determine the quality of their information, businesses should consider several things:

  • Inaccurate Data
  • Non-relevant Data
  • Unreliable Data
  • Vanity Data

Inaccurate or Missing Data

This can have a lasting impact on sales and marketing. When there are two entries for the same company, with different information in each, how are they to proceed? It is important all employees understand the importance of maintaining accurate data. At Scott’s it is all we do. We have the best business directory Mississauga around.

Several methods to improve data quality data are below:

  • Active vetting and updating of information on a continual basis
  • Seek out new sources of information
  • Communicate to employees the impact of relying on bad information
  • Scrub data routinely to ensure it is correct
  • Delete duplicate data entries
  • Remove inaccurate or outdated information

Non-Relevant Data

When collecting data, it is important to streamline the process. Unnecessary data, should be disregarded. More data does not always equate to good data. If you are gathering twenty-five pieces of information about each contact, but only a dozen really guide decision making, then stop collecting the other thirteen pieces of data. Relevance is key. Focus on what information helps you and your business.

Unreliable Data

Determining which sources provide accurate information is important. Would you rely on medical advice from or Why? Exactly. Because WebMD is a legitimate, verified source of medical information, provided by medical doctors. The same issues can be said for every piece of information collected and entered into your system. Staff need to be able to trust the information. They use the data to guide their decisions in how they market the company. With Scott’s GTA business directory, you and your business can always be assured the data is accurate and verified.

Vanity Data

This is the type of information which while it might make good water cooler discussion about a certain company and make them look good in ads, it does nothing to help with sales, marketing or customer engagement. Taking the time to enter this type of information is a bad allocation of resources. Know the type of information needed to guide your sales and marketing team and focus on entering and maintaining it. 

Final Thoughts

With data being such a key component to successful marketing and ad campaigns, it has never been more important to have reliable data. Scott’s Info offers a solution. With the largest verified business directory Toronto, you and your business can rest assured of the information’s accuracy. Reach out today for more information about our data services and how they can help your business.

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