Safety Benefits of Lever and Ratchet Binders

When you’re researching the correct type of load binders and chains for keeping your cargo secure, it’s important to go over as many options as possible since different binders have their own advantages and drawbacks. Improper use can lead to accidents and potential injury, so whether you decide on lever load binders or ratchet load binders for your haul, the following information from Murphy Industrial Products Inc. should be taken into consideration.

Overall, every chain binder has a similar purpose: they tighten the chains that secure your cargo during transport so your load doesn’t jostle around or fall off your vehicle. The two most common types are lever load binders and ratchet load binders.

If you require quick and easy unbinding from your load binders and chains, you might consider a lever load binder. Also known simply as a lever binder, it maintains energy in the lever handle (found on each end of your chain, along with a tension hook). As tension is applied to your tie-down, each attempt to tighten the lever binder will become slightly more difficult and require more strength with each pull.

Between these two types of load binders and chains, the lever load binder is seen as less safe due to this built up tension and the energy it creates when released. For this reason, one should always consider the direction of the kick-back should you lose your grip. There may also be a temptation to use a “cheater bar” to assist in tightening with lever binder, but this is introduces an added element of risk, and for this reason cheater bars are never recommended.

In lieu of a lever, ratchet load binders have a ratcheting handle and two tension hooks that work in tandem to secure your load with significantly less energy in the handle. The action in the ratchet binder is smooth and even; it requires less effort on behalf of the user in order to tighten your chains. Because there are more parts in these load binders and chains, ratchet binders are not quite as easy to install as lever binders and do not release as quickly.

Whether you choose lever load binders for their ease of use or ratchet load binders for their safety, users should always inspect their load binders and chains thoroughly. Any overtightening during repeated use could cause your chains to warp or crack; if any defects are found, these chains are considered unsafe for securing your cargo.

Murphy Industrial Products Inc. has the right load binders and chains for your haul, as well as the expert advice you need to properly use your equipment and keep it in top condition. Talk to a member of our team today – call 866-848-2032 or email

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